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Do not only read, listen to and learn wise sayings and even quote them, worthy as this enterprise may be; possess the grace, guts and gift to implement and discover their actual worth and profit. Only when they are put into action will their value and benefit be appreciated. The problem that Solomon knew was though he had the unique gift of immense sense and understanding, he lacked the will and moral and spiritual strength to implement and so missed out on the bigger front of life. There is a vast differing in really knowing and doing! Life is too short to miss out on achieving a boundless life through Wisdom’s Ways.


Just for YOU


Yes, today is a memorable one because it is known as Father’s Day! How choice and right is to take the opportunity again to celebrate with those who mean so much and have done so much for us! I am most grateful to my children whom I love who express their gratitude with respect to fatherhood. This Monday I look forward to having a meal with them and their spouses. It should be a fabulous occasion! But above all, what about our Heavenly Father to whom we owe everything? The best thing that could happen to us is to be born into His Family through Christ. The Christian Family is all about the Fatherhood of God which is to have priority now and will be so in the next life. I don’t know about you but I intend to enjoy this wonderful boon! Happy Father’s Day, FATHER!

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Fri – Wholesome and Wholesale Production

Good morning! Today is Good Friday because it was when the greatest work for mankind was wrought by Jesus Christ. His sacrifice on the Cross made it possible for God to forgive all men there sin, Christ wholly atoning for all sin committed by all men. But then He rose again to come and share His resurrection life and power to those who receive Him into their hearts as LORD and allow Him to live out His life in them. Through the advent of the Holy Spirit life can be graced with all the Fruit of the Spirit which is the replica nature of Christ. You are set for wholesome and wholesale production in a divine manner and measure. Being set free from sin, self and Satan you can now bud and blossom and lead a quality life that God approves of and you are pleased with. Amen!


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Sat – The Beautiful Sense of Smell

Good morning! Today we give thought to the beautiful sense of smell that serves to our enjoyment. There is, however, bad odours that can be very odious and sickening! Well do I remember travelling with friends in North America. Suddenly our lady driver called us quickly to wind our windows up. She had espied a skunk but she was a little bit late and some of its awful smell temporarily invaded. But thank  God  for the good smell of cooking, the fragrant scents that the ladies put on, body lotions, the choice aroma that roses and other flowers give etc. But there is such a thing known as the divine fragrance that can pervade a person’s life that proceeds from a life filled with the quality characteristics of Christ. It is possible to quietly emit without ado, a perfume that charges the atmosphere. As time is spent with Him so there is a bestowing of such!

Pastor’s Weekly Thought

Studies for the Week from Proverbs:


It is a very important thing in life to be wise. This is the instruction of the book of Proverbs and the intention of it is to pass on counsel and advice that will affect this. How essential it is to be schooled and taught by those who seek our good and blessedness. Herein is a great deal of sound direction that followed through will bring about some positive results. The opening verses endeavour to lay the foundation for life and living and by this means reveal what the purpose of true wisdom is.


It is imperative to know the governing principles on which life is to be constructed like as it is essential to know how to put up a great edifice. One only has one go at life, therefore it is needful to have the right input and to be shown and taught how everything can become profitable as well as pleasurable. Wisdom is a proven track and can be relied upon. It has good hindsight from the past, insight for the present and foresight for the future.


It is not meant to be either an ugly word or experience. It is putting into operation what one has correctly been taught of a healthy nature. There is a putting into practice sound precepts that are found to be true and most rewarding. What is bad and destructive is eliminated and what is good is known, embraced, believed and applied. Good creed is put into great conduct.


The benefit is seen to deliver from a state of darkness and nonsense and aids in establishing a true set of values and virtues within the mind and heart that makes for stability and success. Instead of being bankrupt of knowledge there is true and sound intelligence that lightens the life and path. It stops from being fools.


One cannot become wise too young. The sooner that one knows and adopts the path of wisdom and starts becoming wise the better. It is wise to get on to this track as soon as possible. Just as one gets children into education as quickly as possible, one can, so on this front, too.


From the outset on this course we are taught what is the real foundation of wisdom – it is the fear of the Lord. He is the fountain-head of all truth and understanding and a wholesome respect of Him and His word yields enormous dividends. He is utterly committed to teaching good sense and making clear the proper and productive ways of life and living.

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Pastor Ernest Anderson

Today my Father’s great love will be shown And will by me be fuller known,
I’ll believe and serve with all my might And enjoy the blessings of your Light.

The NOW is your God-given opportunity of knowing and loving God.

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Dec 5th

Rev. E. Anderson


It is one thing to commence with great love, passion, faith, determination and service, but it is another thing to continue in the same way throughout your whole Christian experience until your final breath. Consistency is required in all these dynamic factors to make them fruitful, worthwhile and be ultimately approved by Christ. There is so much to distract, weaken and drain the inward being of spiritual desire and drive. Only by a wholesome communion with Him will ensure the maintenance of a healthy and vibrant state. He has made such possible and available and nothing and no one should be allowed to come between you and Him so that you can be constantly supercharged by Him. There is no substitute that can replace Him. He is with you to maintain the both the spiritual go and glow at all times until the final appearance before Him.


THE LIGHT OF LIFE – John 8: 12-30

How vital it is that man’s mind and being be lit up with true understanding with regard to life. He needs to be fully in the know concerning what life is all about, what it should be producing and where it is actually leading to. For this to be so he requires light of a divine order so that he can perfectly perceive, know and proceed on the right course of belief and behaviour. Christ affirmed in a clear manner that He alone is the answer to this basic requirement. He said: “I Am the light of the world. Whoever follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life” –v12.

This is a divine claim that He will have to justify and is prepared to do it in everyone that is willing to receive and follow Him. Looking at His life, it is obvious that He knew the reason for His existence and perfectly accomplished His mission not only for Himself but for all men. He has made a highway for all to enter that leads to God and to eternal life and destiny. He is the shining, divine light that lights up men within and lights up the path and the way ahead. Those who acknowledge Him are freed from darkness and walk in light.

This is a personal issue that has to be applied within the life of every individual. Christ must be the one to whom all men should turn to and be believed in and the moment that occurs, He, the Light, begins to illuminate the life with truth, faith, knowledge and divine purpose. It does not say, “I was the Light” but that “I Am the Light” thus revealing He is the ever present, divine Light. Remember, He is the One that seeks to give you true understanding and knowledge so that you rightly believe and proceed on the highway of life to your divine destination and destiny.



PRAYER: In-built in man is the agency of prayer, this is especially so in those who have really come to know God. Even in false religions there is this factor. And it is quite revealing to see people who profess to have no faith that when extreme crisis and difficulty come, prayer. There is this inward monitor that has been divinely implanted and it is vital that it has a true relationship with God. This is vividly portrayed in the account of Hezekiah.

LISTENING: The Lord is revealed in the Scriptures as possessing the capacity to hear and listening to those who would sincerely and rightly call upon Him. Later on the prophet makes the point that “His ear is not heavy that it cannot hear” – 59:2. The thing that prevents God listening is the fact of sin. It blocks and restrains Him from taking any notice of the pray-er and prayer.

ANSWER: The purpose of listening to prayer is to effect an answer. It is pointless praying if there is to be no answer. The widow woman who went to the unjust judge with her persistent appeal because she knew she would get an answer although he was not ready to listen too much at the first – Luke 18ccccc. The Lord is always and ever in the place of power where He can respond positively. He is also sympathetic to those who are in accord with Him – Hebrews 4:15,16.

INSTANCE: Hezekiah’s situation and petition gives some insight of prayer and the Lord’s ability to hear and hearken in a powerful manner and we should find great encouragement from it.


The king had received a message from the Assyrian monarch demanding the yielding up of Jerusalem, the city of God and from all natural reasoning it looked as if that the city would fall. Rabshakeh had sought to intimidate and shake the spiritual moral and confidence of both king and people and make them submit. They were no doubt a formidable and conquering host and surely the Holy City would fall as the next victim


There is no under-estimating the emergency and the humiliation is felt and expressed before the Lord. Hezekiah expresses immediately his total dependence on the Lord. If the situation was to be dealt with in an effective manner then it would require supernatural intervention. The king is rightly humbled and all human pride is removed in the acknowledgement of need and of the Lord’s help. 3.


There is the coming to the prophet of the Lord, the messenger of God, Isaiah, with the fact of the situation. The king knows that this man knows the Lord and is in a strong and wholesome relationship and stand in the gap to help. Isaiah is only too willing to play his part and fulfil his role.


Isaiah has the attention of the Lord and is very swift in bringing the divine answer. It seems that there is no long waiting but that heaven is sensitive to all that is happening and can speak with confidence and allay any fears. In a short answer the Lord affirms that the enemy will be dealt with and sent on his way.


The opposition does not like the developments because he has to return because of other problems but is not ready to give up on its intentions for the taking of the sacred city and seeks to create further panic. He tries to create a further condition of unrest and weakness by sending a letter with His plans, affirming what had been. This is one of the ways of the wicked one. The prophetic word comes and he does his best to negate it.


The king is not to be outdone or to give up but brings the letter direct to the Lord into His house. He does a very simple thing: he spreads it before the Lord and prays to Him. He makes a good and great prayer by: * recognizing the greatness of the Lord and His dwelling place – v16;  * by honestly making known the subject matter of his petition vv17-19;  * by affirming the vanity of all the idolatrous systems of faith and practice;  * by stating his conviction that the Lord was well able to attend to this issue immediately – v20.


The Lord in His omniscience informs Isaiah what was occurring and gives the prophet ‘the word in season’ and appropriate for the situation. He makes it obvious that He is fully conversant with all that is taken in place. “Before anything is known and takes place on earth it is known in heaven.” He is no ignorant on any front. The Lord will deal with it single-handed and He will deal with the Assyrians as they have dealt with others, v29. And He did v36.

We must live in the assurance of the Lord and in the knowledge He hears and answers prayer! There is no problem, however big and demanding, for Him to attend to but we must be ready to place the issue in His capable hands.



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Nov 10th

Rev. E. Anderson



God does not simply desire to occupy a part of your being and life. He gracious will is that He might have sovereign place and rule in everything. This does not altogether take place at the beginning of your relationship. He consistently and lovingly acts in order that He may become to you All in All and that you will learn to submit to Him so that you may enjoy the benefits of His complete Lord-ship. The sooner you realize this to be so and respond in a good-hearted manner, the quicker will be your progress, blessedness and success. Israel failed in this and spent a needless 40 years in the wilderness! He was waiting to be Jehovah, the great I Am to them and bring them into the Promised Land. Do not forestall Him, therefore, as He seeks priority in your life at all times.DAILY MEDITATIONS

A DESPERATE CRY – Luke 18: 31-43

An opportunity was presented to this blind beggar, Bartimaeus, as Jesus passed his way. He had heard of this wonderful healer and his spirit must have leapt when he realised He was close by. It was needful for him to do something quick because it was his opportune moment and it may never return. He sensed the closeness of Christ and knew what he had to do: cry out above the noise that was already present. It was vital that he get the attention of Christ if there was to be any ministry into his outstanding need.

The crowd sought to stifle him but he would not be muzzled and cried out all the more. He recognised who Jesus was and of His capacity to show mercy to him and answer his blind condition. His appeal on two occasions was to Christ’s love and kindness – “have mercy on me.” – vv38, 39. It was good for him to know that the Lord had heard his desperate cry above the din around and called for him. Christ responded to his faith and tenacity and immediately he received his sight. Having received it, he decided to follow Jesus in the way. He only had eyes for Jesus!

It is essential not to miss out on any blessing that could be the lot of any Christian believer. Sometimes there are obstacles in the way to prevent the good thing happening. People can often be the cause of not getting from the Lord what He desires to give, so it is imperative, when the situation is right, to press through and claim from Christ what He wills to give. As He passes by on a constant basis in life, make certain that you grab His attention. Let Him hear your desperate cry and He will stop and minister today into your personal need.

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Oct 24th

Rev. E. Anderson



There times and occasions when all require a fresh start, the opening out into something meaningful, pleasurable and profitable. It can be so in spite of age, circumstances or prospects

Why not know a new beginning in using, enlarging and enriching the God-given abilities and aptitudes that are yours! Some gifts and graces may have been neglected or even despised and so have withered to some extent. The real you in Christ is not so evident. Paul called Timothy, a choice young man to ‘stir up the gift of God within him’. It could break out and yield much more. The apostle was with him in such a fresh release and break-out. This day is to mark for you some choice addition to existing qualities as you step out anew with God. You have got to believe and expect !



Christ was a man under divine commission and possessed a unique and absolute authority in exercising it. He had the right to call and appoint other people to be involved with Him in serving the great cause of God and humanity. Here He enlisted the services of men who were one with Him in the ministry of the Kingdom of God. He sent them forth to preach concerning the Kingdom of God and to evidence the power of it in a supernatural way. Those to whom they were to speak and minister would be given abundant proof of its appearance and worth in the deliverance of people from their diseases and demonic power.

As they went forward in faith under the commission they saw what Christ said would come to pass. They were not to be disappointed in any way but God’s grace and power was much in evidence. In their obedience to the summons they were to witness some astonishing happenings. It states: “So they set out and went from village to village, preaching the gospel and healing the people everywhere” – v6. What a wonderful period in the life of these apostles as they were used to bring so much blessing to all the people! They must have been thrilled as they returned with good reports.

It must never be forgotten that Christ has given the Christian Church a great commission for all time – Matthew 28: 18-20; Mark 16: 15-20. Every believer is called to be a witness for Christ and the Kingdom of God and can expect His confirmation as they testify for and of Him to those who do not know Him. He has given the Holy Spirit to bear divine testimony both in word and deed so that great miracles of healing and deliverances will take place in confirmation. Know that He is with you to bless as you diligently live and work under His commission.


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Oct 3rd

Rev. E. Anderson


“Our sufficiency is of God” – 2 Cor 3:5 – what an encouraging affirmation to make! Paul knew his own limitations, inadequacies and weaknesses and was not afraid to name them. On the positive side, however, he was deeply conscious of the presence and enabling giftings of God which caused him to live an extraordinary life and achieve incredible things. One person backed and blessed with this ‘all sufficiency’ is up to anyone and everything. It is open to you to draw and live in and by it. Learn to receive to the maximum all that you require to leave a testimony to God’s bestowal.


“For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you” – John 13:15

The most valuable gift you can give another is a good example. There is no substitute for a person who can be their attitudes, words and deeds set the finest of images to duplicate. Be taught by the best and you will become the best


GOD APPROVED – Luke 3: 21-38

As Christ makes His public appearance and is acknowledged by John the Baptist as being the Christ, the Anointed One of God, so there is given a tremendous approval from heaven both in word and deed. The Father gives His accreditation of His Son by saying, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I well pleased” – v22, and the blessing of the fullness of the Holy Spirit comes to rest and reside upon Him in a gracious and generous manner. In reviewing the private years of Christ in the seeming backwoods, there was the admission that His Son had done everything right.

What mattered to Christ above everything else in life was that He might do and fall in line with all that had been appointed Him of the Father. The inward motivation both of life and service was that He might live in His favour and do all in such a way that He glorified His Father and bring Him untold delight. This sanctified His whole approach concerning every day and issue. It kept Him free from selfishness and sin and caused Him to be an immeasurable blessing to all others around Him. The Father could only speak the truth and confer such a blessing on such a life.

No better or greater motive could occupy the being of any man than this – “to please God in everything.” Christ comes to sow this disposition in the heart of all who would be His worthy followers. In pleasing God there is a begetting of His noble desires and designs within a person that enhances character and ministry of the highest quality. As you allow this divine principle and procedure to inspire, it will cause life to be fulfilled in the best possible way. Not only so, God will not only speak His approval, there will come a rich anointing of His Spirit for all to see.


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