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Rev. Steve and Helen Peach

Our Pastors Steve & Helen Peach have a heart to reach the people of Tipton for Christ.
Pastor Steve moved to Tipton in 2000 and has a passion and a heart to reach out to the town, originally from a small village called Pelsall, he says “Tipton and its people are fantastic I’ve fell in love with the town and consider Tipton my home town”.

Pastor Helen has always lived in Tipton and grew up in and around Tipton so has a personal love for the people and the town of Tipton.

God has given Pastor Steve a vision for the church of seeing churches in Tipton join together as Gods house and take the gospel to the people through outreach and by being active in the community.

They live local and have two girls Jessica & Georgia and one boy Kieran, they have a passion to serve God and build and educate people

Mark 16:15 Jesus Commands us:
“Go into the world and preach the Gospel”

Our Vision is to go and share Jesus with Tipton, the Black Country, The Nation and The Nations! Sharing His love and grace through our lives and testimonies of what He has done. Psalm 92:13:”Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts or
our God”

It is our passion here at TCC to encourage men, women and children from all sorts of backgrounds to discover and experience the plans that God has for their lives. To encourage them to come to church and discover their true potential in life, by being planted in Gods house and experiencing His Love, His Grace and His Blessings!

If your not part of a church or have not been to church for a while we would love to invite you here to Tipton Christian Church. Or maybe you would just like to pop in sometime to see what goes on here at TCC, our meet and greet team will gladly welcome you and give you any information you need about the Church.

We Hope To Here From You Soon, God Bless!


Tipton Christian Church is to reach out to all people of all cultures and all backgrounds with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.
To support, love, teach and empower them through the Word of God in order for them to live successful lives for God, spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially and socially.

This mission is being done through:

Local Church services that are Bible based and Spirit led
Supporting ministries that teach, train and encourage a Biblical lifestyle
Supporting and working with home and overseas missions outreach ministries children’s ministries, helping them to develop socially, physically and Spiritually. Working with local schools, supporting them socially and in education

Supporting the hurting and needy of our community by:

Working with the local council along with local agencies and community groups to help meet the need of the local community
Providing a food bank for those with a real need
Providing financial advice for those struggling with debt
Providing professional counselling for those with emotional difficulties, where they will be encouraged and supported

Encouraging people socially and in education by:

Working with local agencies and residents to clean up streets and local estates
Providing work shops and education training so as people can develop and reach their full potential.


meet the christian ministers


Rev. Matthew Jeanes

The leadership of Canon Street consists of an eldership team headed up by our pastor, Matthew Jeanes.

Canon Street Christian Centre is a Pentecostal Church in fellowship with
Assemblies of God (AOG).

We believe that Jesus Christ was crucified and rose from the dead in order that all people should have the opportunity of having a relationship with God in which they know his love, his forgiveness, his peace, his joy and the hope of eternal life. We also believe in the power of the Holy Spirit who is able to transform the lives of individuals, families and communities.
We are fully committed to the corporate vision statement of AOG which is:

“The purpose of Assemblies of God is to give every man, woman and child the opportunity of understanding the gospel and to provide a church where they can grow and develop in ministry for the glory of God.”

We believe that this is the purpose of the Church as a whole in Taunton and as such we believe in working together with other congregations in the town in order that we might see this accomplished. One way in which we work with other congregations is through the B1 group.


1. The Bible is the world’s best-selling book of all time. We believe it is the Word of God. It is total truth and provides us with principles for every area of life.

2. We believe in One True God. We believe He is alive and wants to have a personal relationship with us. He co-exists in three Persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

3. We believe that Jesus is the Son of God. He was born of a virgin and lived a sinless life. While He lived on earth He performed supernatural miracles. He died to take away the sins of the world. He was crucified on a cross, buried in a tomb, was resurrected from the dead and He ascended into heaven. We believe He will return to earth a second time in the future.

4. We believe man has sinned against God. Adam and Eve were the first Humans and were created pure but wilfully broke God’s laws. As a result all of us have sinned and need forgiveness. We believe there is salvation only through faith in Jesus Christ. He died on the cross that our sins may be forgiven. He was buried and after three days He was raised from the dead. Sin and death could not defeat Him.

5. We believe you must be born again to go to heaven. When you put your trust in Jesus and believe in what He did for you, the Holy Spirit changes you on the inside.
6. We believe in water baptism, not by sprinkling water on your head but by being fully immersed in water. In this way we follow Jesus’ example.

7. We believe in the Holy Spirit baptism. The evidence of the Holy Spirit baptism is the supernatural ability to speak in tongues – a language we have not learned or have known.
8. We believe the Holy Spirit gives us special gifts. He empowers us and gives us the ability to do what Jesus did here on earth.

9. We believe we should live holy lives. Through obedience to the principles and teachings in the Bible we can live lives that please God.

10. We believe in supernatural healing. We pray for the sick because we believe God still works miracles today.
11. We believe that everyone who has become a Christian should remember Him by regularly participating in communion.
12. We believe in eternal life and judgement. Those who have committed their lives to following Jesus will spend eternity with Him in heaven. However those who have not will be punished for their sins.


meet the christian ministers

Rev. Geoff and Boe Ace

Rev. Geoff and Bo Ace

Lea Valley Church has been in Walthsm Abbey, Essex since the end of World War 2.

We are a growing family church, which is motivated by love, inspired to victory and centred on Christ. We want to be relevant to our community and practical in our Christianity.

“We exist to build a community of believers who will impact Waltham Abbey, the Lea Valley Region, London, and the World beyond”.
Lea Valley Church is affiliated to the UK Assemblies of God with Geoff Ace being recognised Minister of the A.O.G. The Church is also a member of the Evangelical Alliance.

As a church, we aim to:

REACH each the un-reached (we believe in the personal and corporate responsibility of all Christians to share their faith with others)

AFFECT the unaffected (we believe that people should be impacted and positively affected by the lifestyle example of Christians in their sphere of influence)

TRANSFORM the affected into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ (we believe that people grow in their faith through nurture and mentoring/discipleship opportunities)

EMPOWER the transformed to become agents of change (we believe that when our life has been transformed through Jesus Christ we will be able to assist others along their journey of personal Christian transformation).


meet the christian ministers


Rev. Fran Tregay

Fran Tregay is the Senior Pastor at TEC. She was ordained as an Assemblies of God Minister in 2009 and took over from Vic Ready as Senior Pastor at TEC in 2010.

She loves eating out, the beach, playing guitar, swimming and marmite (yes, I’m afraid so)!TEC is an Assemblies of God (AoG) Pentecostal church that loves God, loves to worship and is committed to reaching our community with the good news of Jesus.

We’re a family where every single person is valued and encouraged to use their gifts and talents and get involved in the life of TEC. So if you’re looking for a family community church with exciting worship and great preaching and teaching then TEC could well be the place for you!

We hope this website will give you a flavour of what TEC is all about but if you’d like more information please give us a ring on 01603 865599 or come and give us a visit, you’ll be guaranteed a very warm welcome.

Fran is passionate about the church and connecting people with God and is committed to building a strong, Spirit- filled church where all ages worship and serve God together.


At TEC we are passionate about reaching our community with the good news of Jesus Christ and connecting people with God. TEC is a place where every person is valued and encouraged to use their gifts and talents to serve God in the church and the wider community and to build His Kingdom. We are also committed to preaching and teaching the whole Word of God, to Spirit-filled discipleship, to prayer and to ‘Coming Back To The Heart Of Worship’




meet the christian ministers

Roddy Gillies

Rev Roddy and Janette Gillies

Roddy and Janette Gillies are the senior Pastors of Outreach Community Church.

He is a powerful and humorous communicator of God’s word with a no nonsense, no frills style, impacting this generation and empowering people to go to the next level. He has a heart to see the young people m of this nation step into their God-given destiny and live life to the max.

Apart from being a fantastic mum, Janette has a heart to see women reach their full potential and achieve this through public speaking and overseeing some dynamic women’s ministries.

Between them they have pioneered this church since August 2000 as well as raising two fantastic children.


Since it foundation in August 2,000, this church has seen considerable growth across all ministries, and under Senior Pastors Roddy and Janette Gillies leadership, discipleship and vision. We meet every Sunday morning for a dynamic service of 21st century worship and teaching to impact people to help and encourage them be part of the spiritual revolution that will change this nation.

With a strong Biblical foundation, Outreach Community Church is driven by the belief that God has the power to transform the lives of all people, propelling them into their God-given destiny and a changed future.

We are dedicated to serving the community and have groups, events and activities to suit all ages. We would love to see you come along to OCC, get a great welcome and meet the team.


meet the christian ministers

solomon bentu

Rev. Solomon and Ratna Bentu


Pentecostal Church Centre,Burbage was established in 1965 by Mr & Mrs. Dawkins commencing with childrens work. 1966 Mr & Mrs. Corbett joined Mr & Mrs. Dawkins and together began to establish an adult work.Feb 1968 Home missions conducted an evangelistic crusade with evangelist Melvin Banks. Following a 3 week crusade, during which 364 enquires were made, John Bromley was invited to lead the pioneer.
1969 John Bromley resigned and Pastor Ken Rowlands oversaw the work whilst also pastoring the church in Wigston. He brought in John King to assist and after about 9 months Pastor Ken Rowlands stepped aside for John King to assume leadership of the work which he did until 1974, by which time the work had progressed from pioneer to full status.

1974 Pastor A. Mabey was invited to lead the church. When he came we were worshipping in hired premises know as the Westfield Centre.

1984 We embarked on a building project and in June 1986 we moved into our present building in Tilton Road, Burbage.

1986 saw the premature retirement due to ill health of Pastor Mabey.

1988 Pastor K. Speck was appointed as leader until 1990. He resigned following a short but profitable period of leadership.

1990 saw the appointment of Pastor D. Freeman until 1994.

1994 saw the return of Pastor Mabey and Pastor Rowlands, who jointly oversaw the work until 1997 when Andrew and Shirley Dudfield were inviteded to oversee the work.

2009 Pastor Solomon Bentu came and continues to lead in our earthly pilgrimage.


meet the christian ministers

mark Lees

Rev. Mark Lees

Mark Lees is an accredited Minister with Assemblies of God UK since 1992, having previously serving as a missionary within the church stream. Mark now serves as Associate Minister for Missions and Community.

Marie Lees is the Senior Minister for the Church, having taken over this role in September 2013 and is supported by Paul Holland as Assistant Minister with a responsibility for Outreach, He also serves as Food bank Coordinator for East Northants Community Services.. We also now have a Youth and Children’s Minister Angela Patrick, who also serves as Youth Homelessness officer for the East Northants Community Services..

Mark & Marie Lees, moved to Rushden in September 2004 to take up the role as Missional Team Leaders (Ministers) for the missional community that is known as the Full Gospel Church. They have 4 children, Jonathan, Jacob, Sophie and Joy and came to the church from a missions background having previously served as missionaries in North Pakistan. Marie Lees is a Probationary Minister under training to become a full accredited Minister, having previously served as an Associate Missionary with Assemblies of God.

Rushden Full Gospel Church has existed since the 1930’s and has grown to become one of the most active and well known churches in the town. We have a membership of around 50 people and including children have up to 100 people in attendance at our weekly meetings.

We exist as a church committed to Missions both locally and globally. Click on this link to read a copy of the Assemblies of God Statement of Faith, which outlines the doctrinal position of the church and it’s members.


The Rushden Full Gospel Church is an Assemblies of God church that was birthed out of an evangelistic crusade in the 1930’s. Evangelist, the Rev’d Fred Squire came to Rushden in 1932 with Northamptonshire Revival. He started an evangelistic and Divine healing campaign in the hall above the Windmill Club. Around the same time he established churches in Wellingborough, Kettering and Northampton, as well as Rushden. Various meeting places were used as the church continued to meet together. From using the British Woman’s Temperance Hall the church obtained a room in Cleaver’s Chambers, at the top of a flight of 44 steps.

In June 1937 some land was purchased at the bottom of Skinner’s Hill, where the road split three ways into Wellingborough Road, St. Mary’s Avenue and Duck Street, a very prominent location. Here a church was built and officially opened on October 2nd. At the official opening the hall was packed to overflowing (26th January 2002) and the building became the home of the Full Gospel Church family for almost 63 years.
The building itself now comprises of a main hall which seats over 120 alongside a minor hall, which can be used separately, or to extend the seating capacity by fully opening the partitioned doors. Both halls are spacious, light and airy and have raised areas of staging. Underneath the stage in the main hall is a built in baptistry with facilities to heat and discharge the water. There are a number of adjoining rooms which provide office space and dual usage throughout the week. Four rooms have been turned into a catering area separating cooking, washing. Storage and serving areas.

The building itself is fully accessible for people in wheelchairs and there is a disabled toilet. Off road parking in front of the Christian Centre is available for 30 cars and there is plenty of unrestricted free parking both in High Street South, and Wymington Road as well as other nearby streets.

It is hoped to expand and develop this whole focus on heritage through a forthcoming multigenerational project that will bring the history and memories of the older generation to life through contact and web-page development of younger people.


meet the christian ministers


Rev. Mark Benjamin

The purpose of 360Life Church is to give every man, woman and child in Stockport and beyond the repeated opportunity to understand and respond to the Gospel and to be a church where people can grow as disciples and in ministry.

Our circle of accountability is the Stockport area, with a particular focus on the town of Stockport proper

360Life is specifically expressed in service directed to the community.
The 360Life metaphor is a powerful way of expressing what it means to be a community of Christ-followers, a missional church.

We want to create a “virtuous circle” as the engine for growth in the church’s impact on the community. As the church nurtures authentic Christian discipleship – which both needs and fosters authentic Christian community – leaders equip people to serve God and serve others.
We have thought hard about the values that we want to hold as a church. Our values reflect who we are, how we do things and what we wish to become.


Value What this means…

Authentic discipleship:
• Intimacy with God. A close, personal relationship with God must be the highest value in the life of every member of the church. This means that priority is given personally and corporately to prayer, spiritual warfare, worship & the Bible, stimulating passion for God and His kingdom.
• We build our personal lives, and our life together as a church, on the Bible, determined to be doers of the Word and not hearers only.
• Holiness. Living a life that is pure in thought and action is a priority for all disciples of Jesus.
• Wholeness – the fruit of the love of God in our lives is wholeness and healing.
• Accountability. Every believer is called to be accountable for his/her attitudes and actions. Structures of accountability are built within the leadership team and within the church.
• Giving. We have generous hearts, giving freely.
Excellence in all we do honours God and inspires people. We desire to function in ways that will attract people to respond positively to the Kingdom of God

Servant Leadership
• The church is led by people with a gift of leadership who foster the common vision around which the church unites and who work to see God equip every person for ministry with their specific God-given gifts.
• Every believer, man, woman or child, is called to be a witness and a minister – the arena for ministry being everyday life. As a result, our witness must be relevant to our culture.
Empowerment by the Holy Spirit
• The church values the operation of the Holy Spirit to empower and equip every believer for ministry[1] and witness[2].
• We actively seek and make room for the gifts of the Holy Spirit and expect miraculous answers to prayer.
We aim to be a “sending church” where the leadership releases people for service into and beyond the church’s immediate circle of accountability.
Healthy relationships
• Everyone in the church is significant, regardless of the age, gender, race, disability or family status of individual disciples. Every member accepts the responsibilities that come from being part of a body, as well as the blessings.
• We give priority to investing in relationships and friendships that express love and acceptance of each other, unity, care for one another and serving. In so doing we function as church seven days a week and not just when we meet on Sundays.
• We endeavour to spur one another on to love and good works, valuing and promoting each other’s growth towards maturity.

We value honest and open relationships, spiced with humour and laughter.

(1) By ministry we mean using our gifts, talents and abilities in service to other people (irrespective of whether they are church members yet) and serving others in the name of Jesus.
(2) By witness we mean demonstrating, in words and in actions, to someone who is not yet a Christian, what it means to be a genuine Christian and how they too can become a Christian.


meet the christian ministers

andy debbie hicks

Rev. Andy and Debbie Hicks

South Lincs Church is led by Pastors Andy and Debbie Hicks, supported by a Core Leadership team.

Having previously worked at churches in Lincoln, London, Colchester and Ipswich they came to Ruskington in September 2013, along with their children Nathan and Hannah to take up the Pastorship.

With their years of experience serving churches in several capacities including teaching, mentoring, youth pastor and administrator, together with continuing academic studies in Theology, they seek to faithfully serve God in the place to which they are called and to continue to develop the work and vision of South Lincs Church.

We are a church for the South Lincs area committed to…

We want to build up people who will follow Jesus, encouraging and supporting them to be active Christ followers through meeting together as a whole and in small groups.

We want to have a positive impact in Ruskington and the surrounding communities through a varied range of activities and events.
• We want to build a culture in South Lincs Church that is:

Making Jesus known in the 21st Century across the spectrum of people’s and communities
Continually growing into new levels of faith, both individually and corporately
People having an active commitment to the life of the House, giving time to corporate worship, teaching and fellowship
Every member has a role to play in the life of the House
Making the church accessible to the community through activities and events
Doing the best, with all we have
We want to be:
• LIVING AS JESUS LIVED – Leading lives of worship that honours God: seeking God’s guidance and help by spending time with Jesus.
• DOING WHAT JESUS DID – Being like Jesus to those around us; showing respect, compassion and love.


meet the christian ministerst

marcus-sue bennett and daughters

Rev. Marcus and Sue Bennett

Pastor Marcus Bennett rounded off I4 years at Wimbledon Elim with a sermon preached to 26 nationalities.

In his farewell service, the 4|-year-old who moved to Dewsbury Elim in Yorkshire in April, was honoured by Rob Lewis, who is stepping in at Wimbledon until a new pastor is appointed.

Rob said, “Pastor Marcus is a man with a big heart who has fed the local community physically and spiritually. He has achieved great things in Wimbledon and has now moved to the next stage of ministry ready to serve his new church and community.’

During his time at Wimbledon, Marcus oversaw the move into a larger premises and the opening of a food-bank. l-le said, “l get to be there in the best and worst moments in peoples’ lives and it is a privilege to be able to help. Once in a while you feel that God is calling you somewhere else. There’s a sense of topography and mine just moved North.”


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