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                Rev. & Mrs. E. Anderson



Christian believers and leaders are not on Christ’s workmanship, they must be in condition of spirit and will to undertake things for Him and see them brought to pass. All in Christ have been ‘created for good works’ – Ephesians 2: 10. It is healthy to be possessed with divine endeavour and enterprise where choice factors are brought to fruition.


It was in late January and early February of this year, 2008, that I was invited to go with a ministerial colleague to Uganda on my first visit. Little did I realise the challenge that would be presented to me by the Lord and then to see in the ensuing months the issue unfold and gloriously accomplished.


We were to minister to quite a company of leaders who were being trained to plant churches. Already a vast number of local assemblies had been brought into being but the vision and passion existent was that many more needed to be opened and established. The days were spent in teaching and instruction preparing the personnel to go forth and perform the task of evangelism and see an increased umber of churches. What a privilege to be in the midst of such a group of men and women with such faith and readiness.


Whilst talking to the Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, responsible for this great enterprise, he shared with me the way things were organised with this divine purpose to be achieved. Under him were 12 Spiritual Overseers over the whole country who unitedly shared the dream of reaching their nation for Christ. They possessed no small revelation of what could happen if they gave themselves to this task. During the time of listening the idea came to mind that it would be a great advantage and blessing to see this leadership equipped with and up-to-date computer and printer so that the work would be assisted and advanced in a greater manner. Such a provision would enable the Superintendent to contact all at the same time with good information and instruction and bless the churches.


In returning to the UK with this vision and knowledge, I sensed that the Lord desired me to see this fulfilled. Having been retired ten years and no longer leading a church, it was to be quite a challenge. Knowing that this was what the Lord willed enabled me to believe for over £5,000 for the purchase of these machines.


In the next seven months, without pressure and begging, the situation was presented to churches and individuals and it was such a thrill to observe the Lord bringing this amount to fruition. The monies quietly came in and I was possessed with an inner confidence and peace it would all work out. Mid-September I still required a further £1,000 and the Lord, in a dream, showed me someone handing me this amount. I shared the fact I was going to Uganda with this project with a group of ministers in a region of the Assemblies of God Fellowship. I simply asked them to pray that the outstanding amount would be met. The Chairman said he felt they could do more than pray. They had monies in their missionary fund and so proposed that a thousand pounds should be allotted and this was unanimously carried.


I proceeded to Uganda with two experienced men who were able to instruct on the use of computers/printers. The Superintendent purchased these machines in Kampala and in a suitable room in the Assemblies of God Offices, they were set up and it was a privilege to welcome the 12 Overseers to spend three days under good tuition. Everyone was thrilled by their acquisition knowing it would prove to be an asset to their ministry in the coming days. It was a special delight to me to see that the Lord could bring to pass such a project in such a short time. All things are possible when God is in the business.


Over the past years in retirement, the Lord has enabled me to employ a computer to perform major work and service for Him. Now it has multiplied with twelve people in Uganda. Only eternity will be able to unveil all that will be accomplished through these inspired men with these machines!


This world has to be reached for Jesus Christ with His message and he wills to use to be involved in good and sound projects that will advance His testimony.



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                                  Rev. & Mrs. E. Anderson

Encountering Christ


It is always a delightful and joyous occasion when someone comes and finds Christ. Also, it is with feelings of immense pleasure and satisfaction when one has been an instrument in the Lord’s hand to bring this about. To be a witness for Christ is a Christian responsibility and to behold it bearing fruit is a thrilling factor.


In my pastoral ministry at Chesterfield it was a pleasure to visit the flock, especially those who had recently joined the fellowship. Pauline Hollingsworth had become linked with us and so when the opportunity arose I took it and went to their home and had the joy of meeting Brian, her husband and two children, Amanda and Paul.  I was cordially welcomed and Brian treated me kindly and we were able to freely chat. He had been impressed by the fact that his wife’s physical condition had vastly improved since attending Zion church. Apparently she was experiencing disturbing noises in her head and at times the attacks were so bad, she beat her head against the wall to find some kind of relief and solace. The Lord had ministered to her and now she was free. It made Brian open to me in a gracious way.


Without pressure one sought to see this man won for Christ. He would make an excellent Christian and he had the capability of communicating well. The moment came when it was opportune to invite him to a very special gathering. A major city crusade was being held in Sheffield in                and the evangelist was none other than Billy Graham. The churches in Chesterfield had put on transport to convey people who wanted to go and so the invite went out to Brian and he accepted. He had been to a number of meetings in the church but had made no public response to Christ.


It was a special thrill for me to see him board the coach but in his own words, “There were only the side seats on which to sit and he was a little worried lest I should sit alongside of him.” He didn’t want me too close at such a time but I reckon I was wise enough to allow the Lord to do His own work. Our prayers naturally were that this would be the evening when he would have a personal encounter with Christ. The occasion could not have been better suited for this experience to be his.


Billy Graham, as usual, presented the Good News of Christ in his own God-given manner, and then made the appeal for people to turn to Christ in the Sheffield United football stadium. A vast number of people responded and made their way down to the platform to take Christ as their Lord and Saviour and to be counselled and given appropriate literature to help them in their first steps with Christ. It gives Christendom enormous excitement to witness this kind of scene! The angels rejoice over the repentance of one sinner, so they must go into raptures when many people come to Christ at the same time!


It was only when we arrived back to travel on the bus that we were informed that Brian had made his way forward to receive Christ. Needless to say, we were overjoyed with the information and greeted him into the family of God.


Brian has grown throughout the years from strength to strength and stands tall as a Christian. He was hungry for Christ from the start and loved to hear the Word of God preached. What an avid listener he was and he loved to talk and ask questions about the Christian faith! We commenced an early Saturday morning Bible School for extra teaching and with a desire to see those who wanted to be involved in Christian service. He  joined and went on privately to do the International Correspondence Courses and attained good qualifications as a result.


One of the outcomes of him coming to Christ was that his home was now under Christ’s influence and management. What a pleasure to say that his son, Paul, came through with a vital commitment and later with a will to serve Christ in a full time capacity. He had a burden for the youth and became involved in the leadership at the local church level with this grouping. His ministry opened out into the schools and he was used to impact many young lives for Christ. After a number of years, he now works in a pastoral capacity with the senior leader and has done an outstanding work for Christ within the context of the fellowship in Chesterfield.


As for Brian, he was able to obtain a redundancy pay off with the Sheffield Star newspaper and now acts in the role of caretaker of the church premises, doing a good and needful task. He has travelled far since my first encounter with him and he is regarded as a choice Christian friend. When we meet together, it is to do one another good.



                                  Brian and Pauline Hollingsworth

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                             Rev. & Mrs. E. Anderson

MY MOTHER – Mrs May Anderson


It is a supreme advantage to have had good parents in life who have exercised a vital control in the formative period. They may not necessarily have been rich and been able to provide abundance in terms of the material factors, but if they have given a sound, loving and wise structure such is of immense value. When they have sought to implant worthy values and virtues and such has been received and applied, then the lasting benefit is enormous.


My mother was a sincere and simple person but she contributed immensely to my natural, moral and spiritual well-being. I truly am indebted to her for her quiet but effectual input in my beginnings. She is one of the main individuals that I regard as being responsible for any success.


She had a tough and demanding life but she did not allow such in any way to make her bitter and resentful. Although she lost her own mother whilst very young and was brought up by a step-mother who wasn’t over concerned about her, nevertheless, she triumphed over any personal adversities. For a while she was placed under Salvation Army care but she did permit this period to sour her attitude. In fact, she welcomed what she heard through its ministry.


Just after I was born, she came to know Christ. Our neighbours were choice but quiet Christians and were used by the Lord to influence her to have faith in the Lord as her Saviour. Not too long after this, father, too, came to trust Christ and as a result I had a Christian parentage, for which I am thankful. In being brought up under the sweet influence of mum, there were things that stood out that I never will forget.


A Joyful Smile


Her face and countenance ever seemed to be lit up with radiance like the sun, and this was so, in spite of having a large family and with not a big income coming in to sustain it. She spent herself gladly in looking after five sons and two daughters. She had tasted grief in the loss of two daughters and a son but such did not frustrate her joyful attitude.


The thing that got through to my brothers, sisters and my self was her pleasure in knowing the Lord. It was He that had made a glorious difference and consequently, it became apparent in her looks and expressions. How glad she was that the Lord loved and cared for her and family and she wasn’t afraid or ashamed to let others know.


When widowed, all who called on her would sense her happy spirit and disposition. The young milkman used to love to call and chat and was enthused by her life and testimony. He told his parents about her and they came to the church she attended and found Christ, too!


A Dynamic Faith


My!, how she simply and quietly trusted God seemingly for everything! Inwardly she knew and expressed it, too, that He would not fail no matter how big the demand. A little went a long way in our home and this was due to her confidence in the Lord. Prayer was a priority with her and she simply believed that God would respond to her petitions.


On two occasions she knew what it was to be healed by the Lord.


The first occasion was one night she was laid in bed and evidently in a dying condition. Father called us into the bedroom because he did not think she would see morning light. My three elder brothers were away from God and so was my sister and I was about to do my own thing and go my own way. A divine presence came into that room that we could not explain. Instead of my mum being laid out as a corpse she was up the next morning full of the joy of the Lord and into looking after her family.


The second instance was that she inadvertently was on the platform of a trackless bus when it lurched forward and threw her off on to the ground and she hit her head with some force on the ground. She suffered with a blood clot in her head and things were serious. My brother spent a day away one Saturday at a seaside resort and when we we returned her face was glowing and she had the pleasure of telling us that she had passed the clot through her body without harm. She knew the Lord had done it.


A Generous Disposition


She certainly was of a generous disposition. Even though she did not have a great deal she was always will to share what she had with others. Her home was open to visiting preachers and missionaries.


Whenever my wife and I went home, being in the Christian ministry, there was usually a gift of money placed in our hands.


When father died and she was left alone with seemingly only her widow’s pension, it was amazing how she still had money to give away. Ministers would visit and they would not only bless her, she would bless them in some way. She amazed us by saying that though she gave much away there was always more pouring in.  As we listened to her testimony of the way her finances increased in order to bless others, we could not help but rejoice with her.


She lived until she was 89 years of age. One would never have thought that she would have lived so long considering all she had passed through, but her witness for Christ was durable.









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                              Rev. & Mrs. E. Anderson



It should be no surprise to a person, who has a close relationship with God and knows Him, to have choice unique and unusual experiences that are a source of delight. God does the extraordinary and expects us to accomplish things that even surprise us and give in the outworking incredible pleasure. This has been one of my particular joys in my association with him.


We have a friend who is a very accomplished motor mechanic and specialises in body repairs etc. Whilst we were in leadership in the church at Chesterfield we saw how skilled a craftsman John was with cars. Even those that had been severely damaged, under his ability and work, he was able to transform the sad, wrecked state into something attractive and useful. In that little old garage he did amazing works of transformation!


God so blessed that when the Lincolnshire Road Car decided to dispose of their premises which were very large, John obtained them and develop a greater business with men working under him.


He decided to take flying lessons in a light aircraft and succeeded in obtaining his pilot’s licence. Eventually he was in the position where he could own his own plane. It was whilst preaching at Chesterfield he told me the exciting progress that had been made over the past years through faith and looking to God. He invited to visit the airfield to see his plane and so Joan and I went and that night took us up for a short flight. What a lovely unexpected experience to view the landscape below  at a lower height than thousands of feet above in a Boeing 747.


More was to come. A further invitation to fly for a much longer flight was given. Such could not be resisted. The schedule was that we would fly over a number of places so that I could see things from another perspective. The prospects simply excited me. In musing on the unusual experience it came to mind that it would be good to take a bottle of oil and anoint these places as we flew over them. I shall never forget flying over Chesterfield, Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster etc., praying and anointing these place that accommodated so many people seeking god’s blessing on all. After it was over, a sense of spiritual satisfaction was felt.


John is now a member of the Christian Aviation Fellowship, taking a special interest in the work that so many people do for God within it. He is now busy conducting meetings, promoting this arm of Christian service, affirming its vision, enterprise and success. He possesses untold passion and faith in his life and ministry and it is a sheer joy to note how God has blessed and uses him in a unique manner.


We should never lose our vision and knowledge of God as to what He will to do and bring about within our lives. He ever wants to open us up and achieve much more than we could dream of. No one should settle for less than what God wills to achieve, and means you.



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                                   Alfred Slater


Alfred Slater


It has to be said that in some ways people as well as experience contribute and make up life to a great extent. They give meaning, warmth and delight to memories. Men and women make up existence and have a way of powerfully supplying so much in the context of daily events within our lives. Looking back, some people  have had made major input that is unforgettable, long-lasting and most appreciative.


Among the folks that has greatly affected our lives for good and left a legacy of choice thoughts is that of an elder who belonged to the Christian fellowship in Denton, Manchester. We first met him in 1964 as we assumed the pastoral leadership of the church there. Throughout the years he has maintained a warm spot in our hearts throughout the years.


His name was Alfred Slater and along with his wife, Eva, were great role models for others to observe and emulate. They set a fine example of faith and conduct and showed an outstanding loyalty to Christ, the church leadership and fellowship.


Well do remember when we move home from Lincolnshire to Denton, Lancashire, on a cold day and we were welcomed to our new home by this choice saint. He was waiting on our arrival and made sure that the house was warm on our entrance. There was evident immediately a sense that this man truly cared and that he was practical as well as spiritual.   During our stay there in ministry for over 6 years we discovered this feature to be a quality characteristic of his life and ministry.


Although he worked as an effective insurance agent for the Co-operative and had been with them for many years, he was devoted to God in an outstanding manner. Of the many leaders I have worked with over many years, he quietly stands as one that deeply impacted my life and service. Within the time I worked with him he revealed a consistency to the Lord and me in every way. He was Mr. Reliable in every way. He would put himself about in order that God’s Name and work would prosper and no job was too insignificant to be disregarded.


At a time when there were no wall to wall carpets and when the church floor was made of wooden blocks I have seen that man on his knees applying the polish to make the place presentable. We had a church vehicle and he was a willing driver that so often brought people to the house of the Lord. It was a pleasure for him to serve the people in this way.


From the spiritual angle: he was an excellent counsellor, wise and careful in his instruction. It was so easy for me to converse with him on any issue and he was a person who you treat as a confidant. In the services he was always ready to participate, to lead, pray and testify and anything else to make them inspirational and a blessing. All the time we were in charge, although we may have differed at times, he was always one with me and I with him.


In late life he battled with sickness but his faith did not waver. He was taken into hospital at this time with a large swelling in his stomach but he was determined to trust the Lord. Whilst there, he was offered alcohol to deal with this complaint as a cure but he refused saying he had never touched it in his life. But the Lord stepped in and dealt with the offending factor and he came out with a glowing witness to His grace and power. Listening to his testimony at that time when he was in his eighties are rejoiced at the standard of his faith. He lived with the conviction of the return of Jesus Christ. How he revelled in this prospect.


He has since gone to be with His Lord and saviour, but he has left behind a glorious record of faithfulness, service and goodness that we can never forget. In a humble, simple and consistent manner he did what he could and so will be duly rewarded by the Lord and respected by us.


Extracts from Life afforded by Rev. E. Anderson


                                 Rev. & Mrs. E. Anderson



It happens daily: seemingly countless numbers of babies are born in every nation of the world. In most cases, there is a great sense of expectation and excitement around at the prospect and advent of a newly born infant.


It is good to know that God ordained and desired the generation of the human race in terms of families and in the conception and arrival of children. At the outset, in the Bible, there is His mind and will make clear. He said to the first couple, Adam and Eve, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth” – Genesis 1: 28. God wanted the world to be populated by people just as He has planned that heaven will be inhabited by those who have become Christians through His beloved Son, Jesus Christ.


To be honest, even in my teens, I desired to find and be joined to the right woman and to have a family that would bring me joy and satisfaction. It was an issue that I sincerely prayed about and seen this greatly brought to pass.


The birth of our third child was kind of extra special although the advent of the previous son, Philip, and daughter, Jacqueline, brought untold pleasure and delight. Their appearance was in different places and under dissimilar circumstances. They came at the right time into our family unit and provided Joan and I with immense pleasure. Looking back on their arrival and contribution to our home, we are utterly grateful for their presence and input.


However, at the Easter of 1997 my wife became pregnant again. She was happy with the  two we had but was so busy in Christian service she wondered how she would cope. I was quite pleased with the news and we settled down to the prospect of an addition to our home.


She desired that this third child should be born in the precincts of her own home. The other two had been born in Lincoln and Grimsby hospitals but this time she was hopeful she could see this one birthed with me present. It is good to know that God gives us the desires of the heart. There was a problem existent because the first one had been Caesarean and it seemed that this would not carry favour. The second had been normal. When she talked to our local physician he was most understanding and kind and felt the situation could be effectively answered. He would make sure that he would be present on this important occasion for us.


Joan had formed a good relationship with the dentist’s wife around the corner and she was a qualified midwife. We also had a district midwife that belonged to the assembly and she showed intense personal interest. Then there was the local one assigned for the occasion.


Sunday, January 29th, 1966 was an unforgettable day in our household. We were due to go to our morning service when Joan began to feel the first twinges of pain that indicate that the baby is due. What should I do in such circumstances as I had a service to lead and preach at? My daughter had been born when we had special meetings on that prevented me from being in attendance. Not again! The elder’s wife kindly came to sit with Joan and the doctor and nurse were notified. All I had to do was rest in the Lord and trust that I might be in on the proceedings!


When I arrived home at dinner time my wife soon entered into labour and to our utter amazement had the doctor and three midwives in attendance. The Lord knew how to lay it on for the arrival of the third child. It was my privilege to be there when our youngest boy was born whom we named, Keith Christian. As soon as possible he was handed over me to see and nurse. As I looked at his face he reminded me of Edward G. Robinson. That first sight and hold communicated an unforgettable and tremendous thrill to my being. All went well and there were no complications.


Keith has now grown up, is a Christian, happily married and with two sons of his own that gives him great satisfaction. The Bible speaks of children being ‘an heritage from the Lord’ – Psalm 127: 3. He has been, throughout the years, a challenge to my natural and spiritual fatherhood and ourparenthood but he is a son that one can rightly pleased with and proud of in the right way. His input into my life and destiny in the years of my retirement has been immense. I would never have tackled the computer or finished up with a web site for Christ without his major contribution. The baby Keith turned out to be a man full of gift and potential that is being used spiritually and naturally.  I am able to turn to him for help hen I am in technical difficulty. How many times he has rushed to my rescue!


We are so glad that gave us the three children and they have each played a significant and diverse role in our lives.


Welcome your offspring and take every opportunity of loving, training and releasing them to be what God wants them to be and do.



Extracts from Life afforded by Rev. E. Anderson


                          Rev. & Mrs. E. Anderson



One of the most important graces to be created and developed in life is that of patience. Most people find this quality in themselves to be in short supply. We find it very difficult to wait and bide our time until certain factors have come to a head. So often we would like to speed things up so that we are not seemingly hanging around frustrated and wondering if ever things are going to take shape and become significant.


In dealing with God, there comes the discovery that not only is He a God of patience, He requires the same in those who are to come into a positive and dynamic relationship with Him. There comes in the outworking of faith the birthing and nurturing of divine patience whereby one learns to wait on and for Him to show up and perform His words of promise. To those who have found this principle and respond to it, they know His workings and interventions in rather incredible ways. Through the years of spiritual experience they find out that God is never in a hurry. Having stated such, one needs to know that God is never late and neither is He too early; He is always on schedule.


It was around 1960 whilst walking down the main street in Louth that I got what I felt was a distinct impression from the Lord upon my spirit. Certainly, it was no audible voice from heaven but suddenly inscribed upon my spirit was this brief message, which I believe came from on high. The Spirit of God registered the words: “God is never in a hurry.” This was to be a signal to me for life and throughout the course of my ministry and service for Him. Waiting His timing and working was to be absolutely essential.


The prophet, Habakkuk was to find out this message, too. The Lord spoke to him in a similar manner in his day, when he was facing dilemma and difficulty. The Lord said: “For the vision is for is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.” The Lord having spoken and awakened expectations made sure that His servant was left in no doubt it would take a length time for its fulfilment.


We like to think that things will happen over-night especially when God has given sacred promise. This is not always the case. Sometimes it takes more than days and months; it can be years before all is brought to pass by Him. Joseph had fantastic dreams in Genesis 37 but it took quite a number of years before actual realisation. It is in this stage that faith, patience and endurance is created and nourished.


Whilst waiting on God around 1960, the word from Isaiah 41: 15 was sown into my being. It was a challenging word at that time – “Behold, I will make you a sharp threshing instrument having teeth: you shall thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and make the hills as chaff.” What a ministry and possibility for my life! It is in and through the passage of time that you find out it does not occur straightaway. My Bible College principal, Donald Gee used to say and teach: “It takes a life time to make a man and ministry.” I found that difficult to accept then but life and experience has taught me how right he was. Having served the Lord in various churches and in a Bible College I have had to wait until retirement for this to be brought to fruition. I have sensed that the last eleven years the Lord has placed a real cutting edge upon life and ministry. To Him be all the glory.


It was whilst at Louth around 1964 that I felt the conviction that the Lord desired us to lead a church in a certain town having achieved his designs where we were. He gave us such remarkable tokens then of where we should go next, and, unbelievably closed the door at the last moment. It was then we had to learn to allow God to do a thing like that. There was the seeming disappointment but then He opened another blessed door of opportunity in another place where we found fulfilment and development. Over a number of years we were approached to go and oversee the place where we had received such divine indications of calling but were restrained to do so. Eventually, after nearly 20 years we received the go-ahead and served that fellowship. It became the exact time in God’s agenda.


In 1971 we were called to serve and minister for the Lord in the Doncaster fellowship. We had hardly been there a few weeks when the Lord definitely spoke to us to tell us not to get our roots down. It was rather disconcerting because it was virtually our home town and we loved the place. Little did we know that the Assemblies of God Bible College was to come near at hand, just around 10 miles south? A divine sense was born in me that this is where the Lord wanted us to be. However, it was up to Him to work it all out and in a series of events He brought this next stage of our life and service into being and fruition. It was to be the most testing yet beneficial period of our lives. During that phase we were challenged but enriched in many ways and it was part of God’s process of putting that cutting edge on our lives and ministries.


We could never imagine that over the past few years we have been able to reach and affect so many people for Christ in such a positive manner and measure. Beneath and behind it all, as we review what has happened over 50 years, we have to say that God has gone at His pace and we have had to become regulated to it. It has to be said, walking with and working for God is a steady matter and process but in the end yields immense dividends. Digest the truth: God is never in a hurry. He doesn’t have to be!



Extracts from Life afforded by Rev. E. Anderson


                       Rev. & Mrs. E. Anderson



The Lord is well able to look after His own, to those that place their whole trust and confidence in Him. He gave a sacred promise to Abraham at an important point in his life when he must have felt duly threatened. The assurance was “Fear not, Abram: I am your shield, and your exceeding great reward” – Genesis 15: 1. This choice patriarch was to live knowing the Lord was His Chief Protectorate.  David was also to know this in remarkable ways and penned a psalm expressing how well the Lord was sufficient to preserve all who placed their trust in Him. He sums it up in Psalm 121: 8 by saying: “The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in from this time forth, and even forevermore.”


It is good to know that there is a ‘divine preservation order’ on those who look to the Lord to keep them. There is no one more suited to safeguard the well-being of the saints. He loves to act in this role and to prove that He is truly capable of dealing with anyone and anything that threatens the good of His people.


In was in 1980 that I was to experience in choice ways the protecting hand of God especially in travel. At that time I was doing quite a bit of mileage in an itinerant role in the Christian ministry. It meant travelling home late after meetings alone and it was essential that I be overseen from on high by the Most High.


At that time I decided to join the AA and it was a good job that I did so. Little did I realise that I would require their services so speedily.


I was journeying home from Manchester over the top to Rotherham on a dark, cold, winter’s evening. Everything appeared to be going fine when suddenly as I got passed a bend I discovered that I was no longer in control of the vehicle. Fortunately I wasn’t going too fast, however, I did land up on the other side of the road in the hedge. Nothing looked to be wrong although the engine faded and for a while the engine refused to start. Eventually it did and I was able to resume the journey although the sound of the motor was not very good. I proceeded about a couple of miles sensing trouble when suddenly I came to a standstill and the car engine cut out. For a while I tried to restart but there was no response.


There was nothing more on that lonely stretch of road to walk a mile or so to a hotel and phone for the AA. They came out to see if they could attend to the problem. The motor engineer was unable to get the engine in motion and had to phone for a car ambulance and so I became a passenger whilst my vehicle was loaded and conveyed to my home.


The next morning, my youngest boy, who is a good motorist, went to the car. He placed the key in the car and it started up immediately. It surprised us all. Then he looked around to see if there had been any damage with the going into the hedge. He eventually looked at the front wheel and discovered an enormous bleb on the tyre which could have easily exploded in the car had I been travelling at any speed. It seemed apparent that the Lord had stopped the car dead to look after me!


One Sunday evening, again travelling back from preaching over the week-end, I was coming through the outskirts of Walsall on a dual-carriage-way. I was about to hit a set of lights when I saw a man running out on my left side with evident evil intent. I accelerated and as I did so I sensed that a brick had cascaded off my rear window. Had I not speeded it could well have hit the front window with awful consequences. At that time in that area bricks had been cast at drivers in trains with bad consequences. Again I felt that the Lord had been watching my goings.


The third instance was when I became the minister of the church in Chesterfield. We had our own coach and so were able to go out visiting churches for ministry and fellowship. Returning that Saturday evening with the folks, after a fantastic time in the meeting and on the coach, I went with the driver to see the vehicle safely garaged. A firm allowed us to house it close by. After opening the gates and rushing to the place where it was be stationed, I suddenly found myself dropping into the pit that was in the garage. It was quite a shock to the system! Looking back on the incident I am simply amazed that I came to no harm. Even though my hands were somewhat blackened, my clothes were quite okay. Immediately I was conscious that the Lord had overseen the scene and made sure I was alright.


I recently read this account from the Word for Today and felt it was good to pass on to all who read the web site.




When Steve Anderson’s mother-in-law developed cancer, his wife flew out to see her. Steve wanted to go too, but money was tight, so he prayed and his friend Joe offered to fly him in his two-seater Cessna airplane. Approaching their destination, they encountered thick fog and after contacting the tower they learned that the airport was closed.


The controller recommended they turn back but fuel was low, so Steve prayed again. Finally a voice said, ‘Okay, we’re readying the ground crew. Come in on emergency landing.’ Then as they descended the controller shouted, ‘Pull it up! Pull it up!’ Through a break in the fog they saw that instead of approaching the airport they were over a busy highway and had narrowly missed an overpass! The controller continued, ‘Listen to me and I’ll get you down,’ and calmly issued instructions until they landed safely.


Picking up the radio, Joe told the tower, ‘We’d never have made it without you. Thanks, you saved our lives.’ The controller replied, ‘What’re you talking about? We lost contact with you right after we told you to turn back. In fact, we were stunned when you broke through the clouds over the runway for a perfect landing!’


So, if the controller didn’t guide them in, who did? There’s no natural explanation but on a supernatural level, ‘[God] . . . rides across the skies to.. help us . . . . he carries us in his arms . . . ‘ The Psalmist wrote, ‘God will command his angels to protect you wherever you go’ – Psalm 91:11 CEV. Steve Anderson agrees, ‘I believe God sent an angel to bring us in safely.’ And He’ll do the same for you!




Extracts from Life afforded by Rev. E. Anderson


                                        Rev. & Mrs E. Anderson



This, as most Christian leaders and believer will teach and tell, is not always easy to find out. It is one of those things that take a great deal of love, patience faith and understanding to know and pursue. There has to be desire and persistence prevalent in the honest and earnest quest.


In the course of the outworking of the Christian life and faith we oft present the idea and image that we are more ‘in the know’ than God himself, that we can plan and arrange things better for our calling and vocation. We possess judgments and opinions about ourselves and gifts and we reckon we know where such ought to be employed. At times, we have inclinations and bents where we think we can best serve and use our talents. There are also inbuilt reservations and aversions within that causes us to switch off in certain directions. The Lord has a real job sifting and sorting us out to make us amenable to ministries and situations that we felt we could never fulfil.


Going to a Bible College in my early twenties was rather a challenge for me. I had just been married a year and the thought of being separated from my wife by distance for two years, apart from the College breaks, was not too inviting! I had also to contend with the fact that I had only a Second Class School Education, leaving school at fourteen years of age. There was the matter that I had been away from classroom work for 9 years, plus an inferiority complex, to some degree.


There were lessons that I had to learn besides listening to good lecturers and taking down notes for later study and revision. Having to live with such a diversity of people was quite a revelation. The students, both male and female were no angels! Taking on board the teaching was quite a thing besides have to learn how to properly construct messages to preach was another hard lesson to become skilled at. The latter was one of the things that I loved and endeavoured to develop throughout the years. It was all a part of discovering and knowing God’s will as to whether one had been called to be a preacher.


Whilst being at Bible College one became acquainted with the resident faculty and amongst it was a dear man and his wife, Elisha and Mary Thompson. He was the Dean and performed an excellent, quiet task in this role. His wife served as cook. He had been in this work over many years and had seen the coming and going of many students.


Besides being rather a unique teacher on Old Testament History, a subject he was really up on, he looked after the general, practical welfare of the College. He often took students to the museum in London to make them more conversant with some of the figures that were on the scene in Old Testament times. Some were of the opinion he must have been around in their days because of his knowledge of them!


Being a very practical and handy person he truly assisted in the smooth working of things from a natural standpoint. He must have saved the College a great deal of monies because of his wise management and industry. He was quiet and gracious but could become stirred and indignant when necessary. As I observed him and the job he was doing, I nursed in my being a wrong attitude to this kind of vocation. I began to think and say within myself that I wouldn’t have his job if it was the last one available.  It is a very good job sometimes that we do not know the future. I reckon, at times, the Lord must have laugh to himself because He knows what is up the line for us.


Having served the Lord in various pastorates, it was in 1973 that I was to be truly challenged along with my wife. She had developed the skill of catering and we had been very practical in our labours in the churches besides the spiritual ministry. The Bible College moved locations to a place called Mattersey, Near Retford not too far from where we looking after a church at Doncaster. The conviction was laid in us that God wanted us to serve there in the kind of role that Elisha and Mary Thompson had served. The Lord had dealt with the inward aversion and so we took up the roles of Dean and Matron, looking after the properties, students besides lecturing and serving the students.


The next few years were to be the most challenging and demanding of our lives and for our family to. There was so much to do and handle and so many people to link up but the Lord gave great grace and enabling. We were tried and tested like never before but somehow we not only survived but came through with much than we had when we commenced the service and ministry. The Lord stretched us in a remarkable manner and added to our lives and ministries. It has been sheer delight to see what some of the former students have accomplished.


Looking back, we are positively glad that the Lord saw and purposed beyond our feelings and judgments. He took us through that calling that yielded so much spiritual good and we trust have emerged better persons with greater ministry and usefulness to His Church. His wisdom an enabling grace is sufficient to assist us in ever discovering and accomplishing His will.



Extracts from Life afforded by Rev. E. Anderson


                                Rev. & Mrs. E. Anderson



It is quite a number of years ago that I took oversight of a church that had suffered greatly and had been somewhat reduced in numbers. There was a tremendous challenge before us as to the road we should take in order to see God at work in blessing and bringing needful restoration. One sensed that the Lord was with us in spite of the problems that had been and that taking the right steps and adopting the spiritual procedures we would know His presence and help.


I felt that the best thing to do was to commence with a fortnight of prayer, seeking God for His direction as to what we should do. Thankfully I had been taught that prayer was a vital ministry right from earliest days of Christian conversion and I had proved its value in so many previous situations. The leadership of the fellowship was in accord with this and so we engaged ourselves in looking to God each night.


At the onset the Lord dropped a precious word into my heart although at the time I did not understand its meaning and application. It was from Isaiah 49: 4, the latter part of the verse which states, ‘yet surely my judgment is with the Lord, and my work with my God.’ I could not shake it off or be released from it. Little did I realise that it was going to have a bearing upon the immediate situation in the church.


Every thing appeared to be going well as the folks fully supported the prayer gatherings thus showing their oneness and approval with the spiritual agenda. However, one individual, who seemed to be rather a good man, prayed so long that the meeting became devoid of real inspiration. It was a pity because he started well but the undue length of his utterances brought deadness to the gathering. It was certainly a difficulty for me to face and deal with and I will still rather new to leadership. What should I do?


After one prayer session I announced to the assembled community what I purposed to preach on at the Sunday night service. The idea was that I thought they could both pray about the message and at the same time use it as an invite to bring others to listen. I was somewhat shocked and disturbed when in closing the meeting this man virtually prayed the contents of the message I was to bring. It didn’t sound good and I felt I must see him at a convenient moment.


The next morning he called at my home and I thought this was the apt moment to kindly sort the matter out. I kindly stated about his praying too long. Commending his inspiration at the beginning and mentioning the fact that he went on too long, suggesting this had come about because others had not prayed in the past. He seemed to take the counsel very well and showed no sign of being affronted. I even asked him to sing a solo Sunday evening thus showing I meant no ill. He agreed to perform this sacred ministry.


Te next day, however, I receive a note to say he declined this and that he also that he would not be attending the fellowship again. Needless to say, I was not too happy with his attitude and decision. He needed to be seen again for the issue to be resolved. The elder was most encouraging at this time and told me not to be over anxious.


On the Monday I decided to go and meet him and try to settle things ina becoming Christian manner. Somehow I felt the need to have someone as a witness and so the Church secretary accompanied me. We were received cordially and I expressed my regret that he had come to this conclusion. Having conversed for about ten minutes the barber arrived and so we were unable to continue. I said if he intended to resign would he kindly write it out. On leaving, his wife was rather aggrieved and so in the kitchen I explained what had occurred so that she was properly informed from my side.


Having chatted a little while, the barber left and we somehow drifted back into the living room seemingly to resume where we had left off. I was taken back however when the man began to vent his feelings against some of the oversight. He mentioned that he had nothing against me but was none too pleased with those alongside me. My immediate reaction was to simply state that we had not come to upset him in any way. That was not the purpose of the visit. I rose without further ado and at the living room door expressed the regret and simply affirmed it would be best if he simply wrote out his resignation.


The new few moments are unforgettable. He was quite red in the face and appeared to be getting up out of the chair and said: ‘I will never cross the doors of the church in . . . . .again!”

He then rolled over on to the floor. I immediately went to his aid, lifting him up and placing him on the sofa. I undid his shirt collar, the church secretary went for a glass of water and then I told him to go for the doctor. I prayed, and as I did so, the heavens seemed like brass, and suddenly I felt the Lord say, ’Quit praying, this is from me.’ Within a few seconds the man was in eternity.


When the doctor finally arrived he simply expressed that this was what he expected would happen. The family desired I conduct the funeral with a previous pastor giving the address. Two  of the former ministers where in my home prior to the funeral without any idea as to what had actually happened but in the course of conversation it was possible to discern that this man had not made it easy for them during their leadership of the church. The impact and assurance of the word . . ‘my judgment is with the Lord, and my work with my God’ came home to me and has been a word for me throughout a lifetime of ministry and service.



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