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Just for YOU Today – 18/11/19


There are times when you feel weak and all washed up and that your time is up. You have given all you’ve got with divine help and are now utterly exhausted and sense there is not much more you can do. May be like David you say, ‘He weakened my strength in the way!’ But the LORD is not calling it a day for your best is still yet to be although you may feel or think so. If you did see and know the LORD has a bigger dream and task to fulfil. The past and your present state is just the foundation renewed energy to perform. You must be aware of the ultimate He has in mind for you and will bring about. It is not time to throw the town but to receive a fresh divine breath that will stimulate and give all that is required to fulfil.

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Just for YOU Today – 17/11/19


The psalmist said: ’This is the day the LORD has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it’ – Psalm 118:24. It is not simply to be reserved and done each Sunday but every day. One of the best reasons for healthy and holy living is to keep the LORD always in perspective and meditate on His exceeding kindness and goodness. There may be many things that occur that seek to upset and bring annoyance but they should be mastered by heaven’s input and help. If Paul and Silas could ‘praise and worship in prison’ with bruised and bleeding backs, how stimulated to praise we should be in seeing how constant has been His presence and blessing! You never know what is in store and about to come your way as you magnify Him who is worthy of all praise!


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Just for YOU Today – 16/11/19


Paul declares in 2 Cor 4:16 that ‘inward man is renewed day by day’, thus indicating that the believer should live in constant freshness. Whatever has preceded and made demands requires a further added input of revelation, energy, will and the faith to tackle whatever is before. When a person has been renewed by sleep, rest and a meal of good food such is able to take on the challenges and ministries that are called for. As you are renewed in a heavenly manner you are able to stand and work with industry and bring a dynamic contribution to others. You owe it to the LORD and others to maintain freshness in your being, belief and behaviour so that you are a source of continual refreshment and inspiration.

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Just for YOU Today – 15/11/19


Good drivers know how to treat their car, when to slow down and pick up speed and use the gears at their disposal. They wisely and carefully know how to use the engine and vehicle to the maximum and get the best out of it. The LORD has given us spirit, soul and body and they must harmonise and be used to great advantage. In looking to your Maker, He will teach and show you how to use each fully and correctly so that you develop your gift and talents to fullest use and benefit. You need Him inside and alongside permanently and be quietly dependent on His counsel and encouragement. You will discover that you will make wonderful headway that will take you into glorious fulfilment.


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Just for YOU Today – 13/11/19


As you live by, in and unto the LORD you will always have much to give. He bestows so much into your bosom so that you have much to share with others. Do no keep to yourself because you as a person will wither and die and life will lose its lustre and meaning. Keep your identity significant through Him in the way that you lovingly and gladly spend yourself for others in every possible manner. How surprise you will be in the way He multiplies His grace and gift to you and those all around will be pleased with your presence and performance. Do not let yourself down but expand in liberality because the promise of God’s Word which is certain is: ‘the liberal soul shall be made fat’.

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Just for YOU Today – 12/11/19


The LORD undoubtedly is the one that fills the bill here. When He is inside and alongside a person the hopes and possibilities are incredible. The Bible reveals and teaches that when He becomes allied to a person or people then there is no limit ahead for all who are united with Him! Moses and Israel as a nation discovered the fantastic power of the Almighty in their day. He set them free from a nation of slaves, safely conducted them through a howling wilderness and takes them into a new land that was full of prospect. They did not miss out on anything when He made known Himself and His ability. Many have since discovered the same: Martin Luther, Hudson Taylor, George and Stephen Jeffries, Smith Wigglesworth etc. He is able to make you and your future absolutely choice as you trust Him.

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Just for YOU Today – 11/11/19


Paul describes how the Christian Faith and Life ought to be in 1Cor 15:58 “Always abounding in the work of the LORD . . .’ It is not to be a diminishing and weakening feature. It is to be the opposite. Christians must learn how to live, blossom and be productive in and for Christ so that all become aware of the dynamic of Christ. Simple trust in Him releases His grace, gift and glory as He releases both His residency and presidency. There is nothing you cannot be and do as He is allowed to assume His Lordship. He always wants as Shepherd to lead into green pastures, quiet, refreshing waters, protection and provision in magnificent ways.  Enjoy and be enlarged as you abound in with and through Him!


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Just for YOU Today – 10/1l/19


The counsel of Paul to the church at Ephesus indicates one of the most important qualities that should be displayed by all Christendom for all time. He affirmed: ‘And be ye kind one to another, tender-hearted . .’ – Ephesians 4:32. This grace is an absolute necessity in a world of selfishness, hatred and greed. One must be so consumed with His love that the well-being of others is the first thing on the agenda and commitment. In doing so, there is the indication and confirmation that one has actually inherited the nature of the LORD. How kind Jesus Christ was in the course of His life and ministry! He was always on the scene doing good and meting out precious blessings to all. When ten lepers asked for healing He did not miss one out but all were healed. So today, see who you can show some lovely kindness, too. Each act is a sermon!

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Just for YOU Today – 9/11/19


The Light of the World, Jesus Christ, has come to light up the whole of society with true light that gives understanding, meaning, faith and fulfilment to existence. Only as He is allowed into life by voluntary invitation does the divine switch come down and mind and heart become lit up with real purpose and significance. Many live in the darkness of ignorance and darkness when they could bathe in the radiance that only Christ can give. Yes, He wants to light you and your life up so that you can attain that which is best and fruitful and ultimately opens your future into heaven. Why stay in the shadows and darkness when simply a reception of Him and His inspired Word and Word can flood you with the sure knowledge and way that are most fulfilling and rewarding!

welcome to this Christian website

Just for YOU Today – 8/11/19


As far as the LORD is concerned He regards everyone irrespective of the age they have attained. Through-out each phase, from birth to late life, He is committed to a watchful interest and constant care and providence. Be sure of this, He does lose attention when the years have taken their toll and one feels spent and useless. The psalmist made the plea that when he reached the time of old age he wanted to be in the covering of the LORD. Be assured today, you are never likely to blotted out of His memory or kindness. The word remember is a choice word but God does not have to recall to mind because everyone and everything is always before Him. No one has to jog His mind because He is always up-to-date and on the ball. So what period of life you are in, He is on the scene tom keep you company and care.


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