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Nov 22nd

Rev. E. Anderson


Do not be distracted today by anyone or anything that will hinder you. Do what He has summoned to achieve. As you remain close to Him you will accomplish those things that will be beneficial and blessed. He does not desire that you should fail or fall but that you will succeed in doing those things that honour Him and promotes your well being and gifting. Remember, He is preparing you for eternity where He has an eternal task and ministry to perform that will bring constant progress and fulfilment. Do not short-change Him or yourself but realize the total calling.



The Jews demanded a sign from Christ with regard to His true identity. What He was actually doing and saying should have been adequate testimony and confirmation with respect to His person. His great love for His Father’s house and the zeal shown in sanctifying the Holy Sanctuary was a sign. Beyond that, the miracles that He was performing were also a valid proof of His deity and Messiah-ship. If they had not been so biased they would have had to acknowledge that He bore divine credentials as to His unique personality.

But Christ was to give a prophetic word that would be fulfilled that would prove beyond any shadow of doubt the issue that was being queried. Speaking of His body as being a temple, He said,Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days” – v19. All his opponents could do was to relate it to the material edifice. It ought to have been obvious to them that this was not His mind or thought. Events later proved how right He was when He vacated the tomb of death. The disciples were able to recall this statement and so their faith was enriched.

The resurrection of Christ gives both to the Church and the world the essential confirmation of who Jesus Christ really is. It is the only faith that declares and boasts of the restoration of its Leader and Founder. Death could not hold Him captive but He proved to be its master. He lives to confirm His word and to make Himself known to all that will receive Him. You can place your faith in Christ because He has given you all the evidence you need to trust Him.






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Nov 21st  

Rev. E. Anderson



One of the great characteristics of Christ and the Early Church leaders and believers was their boldness. They were quite fearless as they loved and presented the challenging demands of the Christian message. In no way was there any panic or dread in their heart in their proclamation of the Good News. In fact, their opponents were staggered and unprepared for such a defiant and audacious witness. In no way could they quell and extinguish this unique fire and daring presentation of the Christian message. The LORD baptize you with this kind of spirit and action so the Christian Message may go forth at this time with certain and bold affirmation. It is time for you to stand up and out for Christ, revealing His kind of attitude in boldness. As you are convinced and confess so those around you can be brought to Christ.


AN ANSWER TO A NEED – John 2: 1-11

The mother of Jesus sensed in her spirit that when a real crisis arose at a wedding feast, her son was capable of ministering into it. She had never seen Him perform a miracle before yet she knew in her heart He was the answer to this problem. There was no more wine on this very joyous and festive occasion and it looked as if the hosts would be embarrassed by the shortage.  Mary did not want this to happen and believed it could and would be truly dealt with by Christ and so called upon Him expecting Him to do something. She was prompted further by telling the servants to fulfil the directions He would give.

He adopts a measure and way not done before or since. The servants are commanded to fill six stone water-pots that held around 20-30 gallons and fill them with water. Being under the woman’s and Master’s orders they obeyed and in a divine and remarkable way the water was immediately turned into wine. It was so good that the master of the banquet could not help but make the comment that the ‘best wine had been reserved until the last.’ This reveals that Christ more than answered the demand and thus showed His great capabilities. No wonder His disciples immediately placed their faith in Him!

It is stated that this was but ‘the beginning of miracles’, the start of a ministry of the miraculous that has not concluded. As Christ answered that situation so He was able to act on behalf of countless others that was to seek His help. The good news is that He is still able and willing to move in on the crisis situation in peoples’ lives and perform in extraordinary ways. He is never stuck for a solution. Like Mary, turn to Him and turn the thing over to Him and let Him handle it; and He will.



This is another satisfying view and facet of the Lord, that of Keeper. Mankind needs someone of this nature to be able to oversee and take responsibility of life and all of its affairs so he and everything is truly and properly safeguarded.

PILGRIM: To some extent the believer in the Lord is traveller and sojourner. There are hostile regions and environments to pass through with all kinds of things that could be damaging and destructive to the well being of the chosen of God. So many factors to threaten existence, to create doubt and fear and make life a pain rather than a pleasure. It is imperative that the saint is not alone but someone sufficient and able is present to attend to safety and security.

PRESERVER: The One presented in the psalm is the fittest and best to fill the bill as Keeper and Protector. He knows there is only the Lord that can adequately act in this capacity to watch over him and see him safely and surely through to his life’s destiny without loss and damage. It is a worthwhile study of the Scriptures to note the role that the Lord fulfils in the lives and service of all of His people. Classic examples are seen at an individual level with Abraham and with a great multitude, Israel, as this nation journeys through the wilderness.


The implication of these verses would indicate that the Lord really does place a preserving order upon those that are His. He knows who belong to Him – 2 Tim.2: 19. It is His prerogative and ability to assure the covering and peace of His elect. He gave a word right into Abraham’s being – Genesis 15: 1 “Fear not, Abram: I am your shield, and your exceeding great reward.” That was the Lord slapping a tag on him and denoting his security. See the Roman seal placed on Christ’s tomb plus the soldiers – Matt. 27: 63-66.




It is good to know that the Lord is ever on watch. We are reminded that He neither slumbers nor sleeps, i.e. nods off or goes into a deep sleep oblivious to all that is occurring. He has eyes and a mind of omniscience so that no one and nothing escapes His gaze. He misses nothing. As David takes on Goliath he was deeply conscious that the Lord was watching the maneuvers that day and taking in the whole situation – 1 Sam.17. He could trust the Lord to be mindful and sensitive to all that what was taking place and keep a watchful guard on him.



It does not matter when, where what, who and how., the Lord is in complete touch with what is happening and is to happen. This comes out with regard to Peter before his act of denial – Luke 22: 31-34. He was not ignorant of the path that Peter had to tread and the experience he had to undergo and informed it of it beforehand. It may take Peter by storm but not so the Lord. The Lord is not to be outwitted or outsmarted by the Evil one or by evil itself. He is far ahead in His comprehension and preparation so that He can truly minister to His own.


See use of the word ‘Lord.’ The thing of import to note is that the Lord is the One who is the perfect cover of His people. He covers them Himself with Himself. Just like a hen covers her brood, so the Lord provides the essential and full protection on those who are His elect. He is with, around and above so that nothing can really harm. The emphasis is upon Him being all that is required at all times for the blessedness and salvation of His people. This is further illustrated in the pilgrimage through the wilderness: the pillar of cloud and fire – Exodus 13: 21,22.




Because of this state of affairs that is why the psalm can be spoken and confessed with utter faith and confidence. The issue of safety has been certainly resolved for time and eternity and so the believer learns to live from a position of rest. There can be a positive state of mind at all times because this is of an unchanging order. In no way will this be altered or amended so the statement of faith can be made and the experience in life enjoyed. Paul was completely convinced of his place of security in the Lord – see Romans 8: 35-39; 2 Cor. 1: 8-10. The Lord is in the business of permanently dissolving all our fears and doubts so that the confession can be made and the knowledge of it realized.

The Lord knows all the vulnerable places and experiences to be faced and confronted and He assures and affirms that He is ever-present to secure the state of His people. His people should learn to believe and live, knowing they are to be preserved by the unique Preserver. He will lose none of His sheep – John 10: 28,29. His omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence will not allow for any failure in the matter. Watching and keeping are His prerogative and pleasure.

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Nov 20th

Rev. E. Anderson



One of the things we do at the start of a new day is to freshen up naturally. We give attention to detail on this because we recognise its benefits and blessedness. It makes you feel good and after a good breakfast you are prepared hopefully for the hours ahead. In the spiritual realm there is a comparison. How essential to commence with God reading His inspiring Word, receiving the inflow of His Spirit, Praying re-the hours ahead and simply waiting on Him and taking in His Presence. Such brings vital and vibrant renewal that makes you enthused and opened up for fresh happenings and experiences. Do not allow the cutting edge of this action go, otherwise both you and life will be dull and meaningless. Freshen up today with a good and holy converse with the LORD. It will make a difference!



Two men realized the importance of sharing the good news that they had found the Messiah, the Saviour of the world. Having been found by Christ they felt that it was necessary to go and tell kindred and friend that He had been made known to them. Andrew goes to find his brother, Peter, and Philip is quick to find Nathanael his friend to inform them how Christ had become known to them. It seems that there was an excitement and a driving force within them that compelled them to go on this mission. The news could not be contained within them: it must be shared.

They were not to be disappointed in their pursuit because when the men were confronted by Christ He had something of personal note to say to each one. Simon is given the name Peter which means ‘rock’ and in course of time he would turn out to be such in the cause of Christ. He would become a foundational basis on which Christ would initiate His kingdom. The Lord made clear to Nathanael that He knew all about him much to the man’s surprise. The promise given to him was that He would witness a great deal more in the coming days regarding His person.

Having been brought to knowledge of Christ and having experienced so much from Him, each Christian is called upon to share the wonderful news with others in life. The word from Christ is: “you shall be a witness unto and of Me” – Acts 1: 8. This is a primary and essential task for every Christian believer to be engaged in. You have a spiritual responsibility given by Christ to communicate Him to those who you meet. Your family, neighbours, friends and other people must hear from your lips and life about Christ. Take time out each day to be a witness for the Lord.

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Nov 19th

Rev. E. Anderson



Do not be satisfied with what you have become and done but be ready to move on to further change. Be content with the fact that God made you to be you but realize that He created you for constant and greater change. It is so easy to become mediocre and tasteless and have no real oomph in life. Instead of seeing good transformation you can settle for becoming drab and dull. God has given you the gift and capacity to ring the changes that will elevate you as a person in character and service that will make a difference not only to you but others, too. So do not resist this issue of adjustment because it is for your ultimate good and happiness.



As Christ appears on the scene to commence His public ministry John the Baptist gives a very clear conception of Him. He knew that the one who was soon to be made known as Israel’s Messiah was an extraordinary person, one who excelled him and everyone else. It was absolutely necessary that a true image and understanding be perceived at the outset so that they could place their faith in Him and know the things He willed to bring to pass of a tremendous order. He was the individual that was going to make all the difference to all who would trust Him.

Two things that are mentioned are of major note. Firstly, He is the Lamb of God that had come to deal with the matter of sin, the sins of all mankind. He cries out: “Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world” – v29. By and through His death He would become man’s Saviour from sin. Everyone would need to see Him as the only Deliverer from sin’s guilt, judgment and power. But he gives forecast of Christ as the one who would baptize in and with the Holy Spirit – v33. Life would be inspired in a divine manner and measure through the gift of the Holy Spirit. He would remove the negative of sin and death and create the positive divine life.

Christ must pre-occupy the thought, faith and life of every Christian. He must be introduced as Saviour and Baptizer so that life will not only be secured from evil but that it should be endowed by the Holy Spirit so that life can be divinely and dynamically lived. As He fills your vision and experience He will be the absolute answer to each day, giving not only victory over sin but enabling you to live the quality life that is of a heavenly character.

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Nov 18th

Rev. E. Anderson



It is wholesome and healthy to know choice aspirations that are capable of fulfilment in and through God. As you come to know Him in further depth of relationship and reality, so it will be. Your aspirations will change through His input and they will be greater than you could imagine. He does not want you living on a low carnal plane but to be ever enriched with heavenly revelation that is of the finest order. Peter was lifted from out of the context of being an ordinary fisherman to be a good servant of Christ. Born within him came great and greater aspirations that came to pass, and so with you, too. Do not settle for second-best or merely exist on a natural level. Let today be the beginning of something more inspirational and extraordinary.



The writer of this Gospel, John, introduces Jesus Christ right at the outset and declares that through Him flow both grace and truth and fullness of blessing. As He is allowed into life to fulfil His role then the individual will know in a continual way the delight of being blessed. It states in v16, “From the fullness of His grace we have received one blessing after another” thus showing that He is the One in and through life is to be ever enriched. The reason why Christ came was in order that all should have their lives ad infinitum blessed so that living is a real pleasure.

It all commences when He is personally believed in and received into the life. When this occurs the person has the divine right to be called a son or child of God and so enjoy the privilege of knowing the Fatherhood of God in and over everything. The Father has ordained that every member of His Family shall be richly blessed through Christ with all that is essential to fruitful living. Each day is to be under His control, guided and inspired with His goodness so that each has a continual testimony to His presence and providence. There is no failure on His part because He is ever in a position to show His favour in an increased manner.

A Christian should be a manifestation of the kindness of the Lord in every way. As He is permitted to have His say and sway there will inevitably be seen the rich tokens of His interventions and blessings. What has been started in terms of blessing must be incessant and grow in greater degree. It is important that you know a spiritual mind-set in this so that daily you expect to receive more and more of the fullness of His favour. You are to become a blessed one so that from you will proceed a life of blessing to others and so benefit them in every way.


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Nov 17th

Rev. E. Anderson



In this world it is so easy to get caught up in pursuing after things and possessions and life is never happy, satisfied or fulfilled unless there is the obtaining of such. The lesson to learn is that which what laid down by Christ that ‘life consisteth not in the abundance of things possessed’. Chasing after and becoming rich and being a big owner is not the best procedure. ‘Being content with who you are and what you have’ is the secret of true living. It is possible to become rich in love, faith and hope and to give so much away that you bless an amazing lot of people. Christ had no bank account or even a home but what a life of love and labour and contribution to society! Loads of people were enriched by Him and it can be the same for you through Him.. Learn to be content in and with God and you will be truly rich.


CLOTHED WITH POWER – Luke 24: 36-53

Soon the Lord was to leave His disciples as He was to return to heaven. His task had been successfully completed and now it was the turn of His apostolic band of people to build on what had been commenced. He had laid the foundation of the kingdom of God with such authority and power as the King but it was the opportune time for them to raise up the structure and see it grow. They were left behind to complete what had been fi8rmly rooted. For this to come about they needed the same divine authority and ability to achieve this.

The command He gave was: “Stay in the city until you have been clothed with power” –v49. The means and resources would be made available from God whereby they could succeed in this mission. As they had seen Christ moving with such gift and ability, so they, too, would experience the same through the Holy Spirit. A special mantle would come to rest upon them and they would sense they were authorised to act in a God-given manner. All would know that Christ was alive because they would see the same unique things occurring.  The kingdom of God would be manifest.

It is still essential that every Christian learns how to receive and operate under this gifting. No one should ever seek to engage in the business of the kingdom of God without making sure that they have received their personal enduement. The Holy Spirit has been given to the Church for all time so that it can draw upon His life and power and so continue the enormous task of extending Christ’s kingdom. May be you need to spend time waiting on God until you are bathed and blessed with a Christ anointed life and ministry. You can experience a personal Pentecost and so move into a greater life and service for Christ and make both count.

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Nov 16th

Rev. E. Anderson



The LORD has created His Church to be His ministering body, gifted by Him with abilities and gifts that can be sacredly employed for the profit of others and to His glory. He saved you in order that you will be useful and engaged in doing things that will enhance your life and bring untold benefit to His Church and the world. You have a personal responsibility to find out from Him what He has bestowed on and in you to be released to the maximum. Dorcas discovered that she had a simple gift of making garments for others and blessed many and people sensed it was done in, through and for the LORD. Take time out with Him to discover the divine potential He has given you waiting to break forth to great good to all.


A PLEASANT SURPRISE – Luke 24: 13-35

These two men were making a journey by foot in a bemused state of mind and spirit. They were wholly disconcerted in being because of the recent events and experiences they had encountered and did not know what to really make of them. Christ met them in a rather sad condition and began to minister to them in His own unique way. They had been rather upset because they had witnessed the one they had put their hopes in nailed to a cross. It bowled them over because they least expected it. And then the news He had risen from the dead shocked them!


Christ, in a beautiful manner, knew how to address the situation. In a simple inquiry He got things on track and started to speak into the situation as only He could. What a Bible study He gave these two men and with rich exposition of the Scriptures that made them lively and relevant! What a privilege to have the prince of preachers with them, opening their understanding to Himself and His plans! They were to be pleasantly surprised when they discovered who He was at a meal. He was no stranger but the one in whom they had trusted was still to be trusted.

Christ still is able to pleasantly surprise the Christian believer in the knowledge that He is alive and about and wills to make Himself known. He can turn up at any moment and disclose the wealth of His wisdom and love and erase all needless doubt and confusion. In no way can He be shut out of life’s affairs and happenings but is able to move in on the individual to express His presence and help. Learn to live today in the assurance of His resurrection power and discover that He can switch you on to revelation and to His way of dynamic living.      



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Nov 15th 

Rev. E. Anderson



It is very easy to lose heart and become greatly dis-spirited when things suddenly take a turn for the worse and begin to spiral downwards. When such occurs one needs someone to say or do something that will call the spiral to a halt and reverse matters. Jesus had to confront discouragement. Someone came with a request that He would come and heal his daughter. Christ responded positively and as He proceeded to the home, news came that the daughter had died. What a set back! But Christ met the discouragement with encouragement and said to Jairus the father: “Be not afraid. Only believe” – Mark 5:23. His daughter was raised to life in spite of the most negative emotions and expressions manifest! When things are at their worst be at your best by encouraging yourself in the LORD!



HE HAS RISEN! – Luke 24: 1-12

This was the thrilling message of the angel to the women-folk that came to the tomb to perform some burial rites – v6. They did not need to use the spices on this occasion because the Lord was alive and did not require this service. Instead of being confronted with a corpse they were hailed by a divine messenger with the announcement that He was not a permanent victim of death but had shown His personal authority over it. They had known Him raise the dead but this was even bigger and greater news.

The fact that He has risen means He is alive and around in the present tense.Instead of engaging in a sombre act of embalming they could go back with the Good News that Jesus is still in business. They were now to grasp the thought and fact that they now had a Lord who was the absolute answer to the horror of death. He was now a victor over the seeming worst enemy and so that black situation was transformed by the news He was alive. What He had said had come to pass and so their faith in Him could be enlarged. The angel made them aware of the fact that He was keeping His word – “Remember how He told you” – v7.

The wonderful testimony of the Christian message is that Christ not only rose from the dead but is still alive to make Himself known to the whole of Christendom. He lives to come into every heart and life that will receive Him and make His living presence and power known. In these days, He is still able to prove the fact that He is the One that can come in a dynamic manner and make His grace and glory known. He comes to give resurrection life to those that will receive Him.

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Nov 14th

Rev. E. Anderson



Christian life and experience is primarily producing, expressing, increasing and perfecting the right attitudes that declare that Christ really there is to be the revelation of His quality life and being. His purpose is to change you so that people can truly note that you are a Christian. Be assured, when He is indwelling and in command the transformation takes place so that it becomes obvious you are living by His dynamic inspiration and power. Learn to live in Him and let Him live in you and there will be quiet but dramatic alteration which will be obvious without even saying a word! Thank God for the start that has been made but do not be content until all your attitudes reflect Christ your LORD. 


A FINAL COMMITMENT – Luke 23: 26-56

Christ not only shows men how to live but also, how to die. In the most awful circumstances He reveals how a person should wind up his time on earth. In His final breath and words He chooses a choice expression that makes known His mind and attitude in the clearest way. He was not in a state of panic but composure as He faces His last moments. What comes from His lips expresses the real condition of His being. He said: Father into your hands I commit my spirit” – v46. In no way is He in an outlook of defeat but of calm confidence as to what has taken place.

Death does not intimidate but He is ready to face and contest it in faith and in absolute trust in His Father. The next stage is to be negotiated from a position of rest and reliance on God the Father. He is through the ordeal of the Cross and can now anticipate a complete change in this act of devotion. Through death He is to conquer it and make manifest His successful work of atonement. The fight has been won and so He can enter with sublime assurance in His Father that He will take care of everything in terms of justification and resurrection.

Christians must learn to truly place their lives and future into the trustworthy hands of a loving Father. He desires that all of His offspring should know what it is to be in peace when confronting the crisis points of life. There always remains a rest for the people of God and it is best revealed when meeting those things that threaten and create fear. You can do no better than follow the example shown by the Lord here. Commit yourself and this day with all of its events into His hands.



A RICH LORD: No one can match the Lord for riches, indeed all belongs to Him. The psalmist affirms the immeasurable wealth of the Lord – Psalm 24:1; 50: 9-12. All that any person possesses is simply loaned to him, yes, also his breath! The Lord is not lacking or without on any front. He is the rightful creator, owner and possessor of all. When any individual gives to Him there is only the giving back which is truly His in the first place. It is He that gives power to make wealth, too.

A RICH GIVER: The Lord is not just simply loaded with immeasurable wealth, He seeks to bless and bestow it upon His creation and creatures so that all can benefit greatly from it. The revelation of Scripture of the Lord is that of a beautiful, bountiful and beneficial Giver. Out of His infinite resource He is willing and capable to enriching all that come to Him to be blessed by Him. He can do this in relation to spiritual blessings – Ephesians 1 or even those of a material kind – Job 42:12.

It is good to recognize those vital areas in which the Lord seeks to enrich and remember that He is consistently the same with regard to this matter – James 1:17.


The best thing that the Lord could do was to come into this world and enrich the world with His Presence. The incarnation of Jesus Christ in God entering a human body in order to get near to man and to bless Him with His closeness and friendship. He, being with a person or group, makes all the difference. The two men on the road to Emmaus discovered what He could when He drew near! He brings a dynamic lift into life as He joins the relationship.


Those that belong to Him He has a way on blessing them with untold guarantees that make for the enjoyment of life. They are indeed the promises of God that affirm all the things that He will do for those that have received Him and fall in line with His precepts. To those that are His genuine believers and disciples He assures them of untold good as they follow His directions and disciplines. Love, peace, joy etc., all become available in and through Him.


He possesses the power to grant a relationship with the Godhead that initiates into a rich standing of favour and good. He comes according to the riches of His grace to bestow the grace of forgiveness, election, sonship, the sealing and anointing of the Holy Spirit, His headship in life, a dynamic spiritual environment and so on. etc. John speaks as of receiving grace upon grace – John 1:16.


A major factor is to be the recipient of eternal life and this none other than the same quality life of God. Natural life must possess the very essence of the divine spirit and nature if it is be lived sublimely and prosperously. Sin cut man off originally from the life of God. The Lord has come to restore the lie-line and make it possible to draw upon the life of God. Without the Lord, man simply exists at a natural level and only knows the extent of this world to a degree. But the Lord has come to switch on life in its truest and fullest sense – John 10:10.


Man, to a great extent is mortified with a sense of fear and lacks in many areas to live a life of true divine fulfilment and satisfaction. The Lord has the capacity to bestow the faith to live and to bless with abilities that enable the life and work to be useful and highly productive. The Bible is full of people that received from God the faith to believe and the power to perform and to achieve incredible things. It happened to old and young. Abraham was 75 when he started to receive faith and exercise it and David was but a youth when he knew the faith of God in his being. And what powers became theirs as the Lord enriched!


One thing that the Lord endeavours to do for those who come to know Him and that is to give a sense of destiny. He makes clear that life should have a significant and noble design and intention through it and this should not be lost or missed. To Jeremiah He makes known that before he was born he was destined to be a prophet of the Lord, bringing divine revelation of a unique order to his day and generation. To Paul, there is the knowledge he had been singled out to become a great missionary-preacher of all time and a pattern to succeeding generations of what the Lord’s grace and gift could do – 1 Timothy 1:18.


The simple thing is: make sure one knows the Lord and that life is enriched by Him at all levels

Certainly this applies to man’s eternal future and prospect – 1 Corinthians 15. It is not enough to have hope and certainty with regard to this world and life – v19. He offers the broad scope and prospect of eternity that assures of a future that will be pleasurable, profitable and without end. There is an inheritance yet to be possessed of infinite worth.


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Nov 13th

Rev. E. Anderson



There are times when you have to become most firm and resolute, where you have to determine your will in the right direction and proceed. Some decisions can be very painful and demanding. Jesus Christ sets a fine pattern in this. As He neared the day of His death He had an inward battle but it states in Luke 9:61 that “He set His face towards Jerusalem . . .” There was to be no turning back after coming so far. There are tough conclusions to be reached and action taken but as you rely on the LORD, He will reveal, confirm and support. When you have carried your assignments through you will not be disappointed because they will yield the bes,t and above all, establish your character in quality.


A BAD DECISION – Luke 23: 1-25

Roman law was greatly renowned for its commitment to seeing justice being done but in the case of Christ it was sadly neglected. He was brought to Pilate to be judged according to its legal system but it failed because Pilate lacked the courage to implement what he knew to be right. On three occasions he questioned Christ and on each occasion came to the same conclusion: he could find nothing to charge Him with. He also rightly sensed that He had been brought before him out of jealousy and hatred and not out of any conviction of wrong done.

Instead of acting in accord with that which was true and right he committed Christ to judgment and death and released a vagabond and murderer, Barabbas. There was a lack of nerve and guts to withstand the vehement opposition. Really, he should have decided to release Christ but instead he became a coward. The decision he made that day would live to haunt him and he would never get out of what he did. By not holding to the perfect law of justice he would live with the sense of guilt for the rest of his days. His conscience would always convict him.

Pilate has gone down in history as the man who made an awful error of judgment and became a salutary lesson to all. In the outworking of life in relation to making decisions of importance, it is so essential to do that which is always right. No compromise must be made with evil even though it appears to be the easy way out. Bad decisions prove to be very costly in the long run. Always be ready to face up to the crunch factors and be determined, come what may, to always side with the righteous and righteousness. Such produces people of sterling character and worth.



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