Christian Message

Barrister Chris Roberts

Are You God’s Pearl Of Greatest Price?

Did you know that, whatever you think of yourself, and no matter what others think of you, today you can become one of God’s pearls of greatest price? In fact, you are so important to God, that over two thousand years ago, he sent a merchant man seeking godly pearls, according to Matthew 13:45-46, and those godly pearls he was seeking for included you.

But when you look at your life today, you might be thinking that you are anything but a godly pearl – and you are not wrong. Whoever Jesus comes looking for, they may not look like godly pearls now, but once you invite Jesus Christ into your heart, and make him Lord of your life, he will change you into one of those godly pearls, mentioned in Matthew Chapter 13, above. You see, when Jesus found one pearl of greatest price, he sold all that he had, and bought it. In other words, Jesus gave all there was of himself, and freely gave up his life on a cross at Calvary, so that you might have eternal life, and so that you might become that pearl of greatest price. Jesus, for a short period of time, became nothing, so that you might gain everything, if only you are willing to say yes to Jesus, and no to sin; and only if you are willing to say no to this world, and yes to the eternal life that’s available to you from heaven.

So today dear friend, if you feel that Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart, don’t turn him away, because today is the day that Jesus wants to turn you into one of his pearls of greatest price. Today is the day that your life can be turned into something of great value, so that you might become one of God’s great treasures, and so that you might enjoy a life of sins forgiven, and take your place, becoming one of those pearls of greatest price.