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The coming year truly is a personal summons to you to move on into what He has ordained for you. This means laying side and denying what you consider to be your own path. Give yourself diligently to prayer, God’s Word and to be being truly filled with the Holy Spirit. Time must be given to such if you are to move into something bigger and better for Him. Unless you get this into place you are going nowhere and will not achieve that which will honour Him and advance your godly characteristics and ministry. How imperative you take time out with God so that you are in a prepared state to be blessed and used by Him! I pray this shall be so for you as you heed this heavenly call.

welcome to this Christian website


I read these words and sensed how true they are and the need to tell you that as far as God is concerned you are very valuable. As you are about to face a New Year this must be a prevailing and ruling truth in your heart and mind. Learn to estimate yourself through His eyes and input on a daily basis. Today is going to be a good and precious one because together you face and deal with it in faith and expectancy. It is in the knowledge you possess a Heavenly Father who knows, cares and wholly provides at all times. You are His special treasure and so will see to it that for time and eternity He will be the all sufficient One in your life.

welcome to this Christian website


If there is one that you can wholly depend upon continually, it has to be the LORD. In truly knowing Him, there is inborn within your being the consciousness and conviction that He has always been and has always stood by those who have trusted Him in times of extreme crisis. Daniel found He was adequate to preserve him in a den of lions, Moses throughout many traumatic times etc. The song puts it right: ‘He cannot fail for He is God. He cannot fail, He’s pledged His Word. He cannot fail, He’ll see you through. He cannot fail; He’ll answer you.’ There is nothing that He and you cannot handle today, be in circumstances, conditions, people, Satan and the powers of evil. Know you can rely on Him NOW!

welcome to this Christian website


Ernest Anderson


This is certainly true if you perform with grace, dignity and humility. As you say and do the right and good thing today from a noble mind and heart you will have no cause to be embarrassed or to blush with shame or disgrace. In a quiet and laid back attitude you can proceed to act with maximum inspiration to live and serve. There will be no seeking for personal glory, the will to obtain the limelight or to act in an unbecoming manner that creates disgust, disgrace and dismay. Learn to handle praise as it should be handled for all to be truly blessed and helped. It is to your greater gain!

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Brief outlines to assist in applying a simple structure in sermon preparation and presentation


Kid’s Corner                                Glen Howe

Interesting stories to be employed in speaking to children in Sunday School and School ministry


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Answers to  believing prayer proving that God is still around and in business to work miracles


Christian Conversions           numerous contributors

Testimonies of people who have discovered the reality of Christ and faith

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A word to think on for a whole week and to know its spiritual impact on  personal life and living


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Up-to-date illustrations that come from our modern, technological world that convey spiritual truth


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