Table of Contents – presented by Rev. E. Anderson

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Profile of Rev. E. Anderson              EditorMeditation Notes                        Rev. E. Anderson    
         A simple exposition chapters and verses of he Bible to aid in spiritual devotions etc. 
Questions                                    Rev. K. Munday

      Relevant questions answered in order to acquaint people with truth on vital issues.

Powerful Quotes                         Rev. L. Goodwin
        Potent truth presented in a brief and powerful affirmation that can easily be noted


Sermon Starters                          Rev. E. Anderson

Brief outlines to assist in applying a simple structure in sermon preparation and presentation


Kid’s Corner                                Glen Howe

Interesting stories to be employed in speaking to children in Sunday School and School ministry


Prayer Dynamics                        various people

Answers to  believing prayer proving that God is still around and in business to work miracles


Christian Conversions           numerous contributors

Testimonies of people who have discovered the reality of Christ and faith

Word for the Week                    Rev. E. Anderson

A word to think on for a whole week and to know its spiritual impact on  personal life and living


Illustrations of Note                    Rev. E. Anderson 

Up-to-date illustrations that come from our modern, technological world that convey spiritual truth


News and Views                         multiple sources

Keeping up-dated with some of he things that are occurring in the Christian Church and World


Contemporary Considerations   Rev. E. Anderson

Consists of a number of important things contributed by others and the editor


Messages for the Moment        supplied from a variety of ministers

           Relevant and seasonable messages that are apt and appropriate for today


Extracts from Life                     Rev. E. Anderson

                A look at Christan life from many angles over a long period of time

              May you enjoy visiting the Site and find something helpful