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Just for YOU Today – 30/11/19


Many folks live and proceed through this world wanting everybody and every source to bestow on them. Their philosophy is to get as much as they can and give little in return. They sponge off their parents, the state and society and contribute nothing to the well-being of others. It is a good thing that the Godhead isn’t like that! Out of their fullness of grace and love they bless humanity and no charge is put on anything. When a person becomes a Christian it is to be like God; His nature is to be expressed in this manner. The great and wise thing is that the more you follow the example the more likely you will get more back. As you sow the  seed of generosity it bounces back in  wholesome manner and measure.

welcome to this Christian website

Just for YOU Today – 29/11/19


There are occasions and times when you must look behind or in the mirror of your car when you are driving to see if anyone is on your tail and wants to overtake. In the main, however, you must stay focused on what is ahead knowing where you are going and how to cope with the objects to be encountered. God has granted you a pair of eyes so that you have clear vision to see and know and so safeguard your life and journey. Do not be blinded by anyone or anything but let this sense be always operative giving you hindsight, insight and foresight making everything meaningful, enjoyable and attainable.

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Just for YOU Today – 28/11/19


A great deal of life is spent in tidying up. This is particular so if one has been doing a job that has ruffled things about. The old saying appears to be true – ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’. Certainly not everybody likes to see this sort of thing. But when all is where it should be one finds it much easier to get on with essential tasks. A tidying up session proves to be very helpful. Years ago when I worked at the Doncaster Plant Works, every Friday, the last half hour of the shift in tidying up and left in ship shape condition. It is so with our lives. We need to keep our characters in pristine and prime condition.

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Just for YOU Today – 27/11/19


In travelling through life it is wise to keep good company, to be amongst people that are of  quality worth and will contribute greatly to you becoming a choice individual. The disciples of Christ loved to be in His presence, hearing His words, seeing His attitudes and actions and sensing His personal impact in their natures and behaviour. God gives you the opportunity to decide who are to be your friends ad so the importance of seeking them out. The Christian Church is to be the place where you discover the type of people the LORD wills you to associate with and be blessed by. Make sure that in and through Christ you become a quality and the end result is sure to be good!

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Just for YOU Today – 26/11/19


Quite a lot of people in Acts 27 were saved amidst an awful shipwreck because they held on to some floating debris – Acts 27. They not only had the sure word from God through Paul but made available through the carnage was floating timber that enabled people to cling to and make it to shore. It was an amazing miracle and act of providence because no one was lost. At this dark hour you are clinging on to some fragile factor that in itself looks doomed but it is God’s provision whereby you are to be secured in the adversity. Do not despise it though it appears small and significant for therein lies your salvation and future.


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Just for YOU Today – 25/11/19


Ever express your hope and confidence in the LORD. He desires and loves your expression of faith in Him and His Word.  He is always moved and switched on to those who look solely to Him for the expression of His kindness and providence. The psalmist could say in truth: ‘The lines have fallen unto me in pleasant places; I have a goodly heritage’ –Psalm 16:6. You will lack for nothing as you make Him your source of supply and blessing. Whatever He may be and done for others can be extensively extended and measured to you on a daily basis and measured to and through you to others. In no way is He niggardly but He longs for you to demonstrate His bounty throughout your life.

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Just for YOU Today – 24/11/19


There are moments when you know that you have to keep going on even though you may sense fatigue and weariness. Of course there are times when you must rest but there are occasions when there is a call for that some extra strength and will. Within you the LORD has planted inner resources of strength and energy that have to be called and looked to in times of emergency. It would appear He has placed inside an extra battery that has been quietly charged on which to draw upon in times of emergency. As you live in accord with Him, doing what He precisely says you will more than cope when the extra demands are before. That extra wind will flow and you achieve the incredible.

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Just for YOU Today – 23/11/19


This is certainly true with regard to life now and beyond death. Direction now is imperative, what you believe in and how to invest it for your lasting good. It is certainly so with respect to your eternal future. The phrase has been coined – ‘There is a heaven to be gained and a hell to be shunned.’ God will not force in any way but encourages all to be wise that the life is well blessed and spent now in readiness for much more. This is only possible through Christ. He knew where He was going and what to do. Those who truly embrace Him are possessed with the same assurance. So make up your mind and settle the direction of your life, now!

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Just for YOU Today – 22/11/19


It is always good to have created within and nurtured within you a true sense of anticipation for good. That is a positive contribution to life that adds light, lustre and possibility making a difference.  Jesus Christ was the master of the art of this kind of thing birthing in His disciples and followers assurance that something choice was to occur. Even though He had to voice the negative about His decease He followed it positively with the truth of His glorious resurrection. People that came to Him in desperation He sowed in them immediately the conviction that things would change for the better. He did this to and for Jairus although his daughter had died there was no need to despair. So learn to live on the best and bright things of life today and every day!

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