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Are you feeling all dried up within having spent yourself relentlessly
in some Christian work. The demands have been great and taken their toil. It can happen like that! In that condition it is quite possible and pack up altogether. The best and wisest course is to proceed with due care, restraint, prayer and thoughtfulness. It may well be what you have been involved in and with is the end of the chapter, not you! Something fresh and fuller could well appear that requires a new you with greater realisation that you were being prepared for a much finer remit. New reserves and capabilities are to come to life and light, a fresh era to enter into. Take to heart the encouragements that are to come your way. Let a glorious excitement fill your being.


It is so important to keep up a vigil in praying for friends and those especially engaged in Christian ministry and missions. Many years ago, in my second pastorate in Louth, John Gardner brought a wonderful team of young people to conduct a Children’s Crusade from Sunderland. It was a real success. More than four decades later when John was old I met him in his home. His words are unforgettable. “Every day, Ernest, since that time, I have never ceased to pray for you.” What a blessing that was to me and anything achieved in life and ministry can be attributed to those often unseen and unsung heroes!