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Ernest Anderson  


Yes! Always be committed to that which is good and glorifies your LORD and benefits and blesses. You are not simply in for a short stint but for the long haul for HIM and others. Personally and humbly, I would like to thank the LORD for enabling me to be consistent. When I first became a Christian in 1945 it never dawned that I would be still there 73 years later. It is good to maintain loyalty to Him. In 1955 I entered Kenley Bible College and then into full- time pastoral work and leadership until 1997. The last 21 years it has been a pleasure to quietly serve and minister for Him. In 1954 I said I will to my loving wife and 64 years later we are still together and greatly in love. It has been a long haul but blessed! May you discover and be able to testify to the same!


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