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Ernest Anderson


This was commanded by Christ to the first Christian apostles and disciples. His directive was very clear in Luke 24:49; Acts 1:3,4. They were not to leave Jerusalem until this had occurred. Paul also reveals this should be maintained and intensified in his teaching – “Be being filled with the Spirit . . .’ – Ephesians 5:18. Christendom and each Christian is weak and inadequate to love and serve God without the constant experience of the dynamic and drive of the Holy Spirit. The Godhead has put the Holy Spirit in charge and control of the body of Christ. It is imperative that both leadership and membership live under the life, inspiration and authority of the Spirit of God kept daily to be if it is to achieve God’s purpose. You must find time daily to be filled, topped up and over-flowing with His presence and power if you are to win heaven’s approval and blessing. Do not make any excuse for not knowing this. Today is the day when you can alter the course of your life, faith and experience.




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