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Ernest Anderson


To be able to get the best and most out of anyone or anything one has to learn how to co-ordinate, that is the ability to synchronise, the bringing of many parts together to make the whole  function   properly, and to a premium, from which effective living and service results. The Holy Spirit seeks to bring together, to unite as one the Christian community to make it a dynamic force in the world. It exists for its good and eternal blessedness. You have been brought into the Church to be united with others who, as one, make known the reality of Christ to those without Him so that they too may be co-ordinated into His kingdom of life and purpose. Jesus Christ, in selecting 12 men as His disciples  had this object in view, that they become an organised and ordained body to reflect Him as one body,  in every way at all times. You are not to be a loner but to become one with Christ and other Christians in the presentation of a harmonious society so that unbelievers want to be part of it!


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