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Pastor E. Anderson

THE VOICE AND WORD OF THE LORD: Abram heard whilst dwelling in a pagan city, the ancient Ur of the Chaldees. It was a clear call and summons to get out and leave the place for good. God had something infinitely better if he would become a man of faith, trust Him to lead and guide and provide. He did not hesitate but became the first Pilgrim Father and a man who believed God. A great nation was to born of him, becoming a father at 100 and the forerunner of a special people who were to inherit boundless promises, property and possessions. The LORD would call you out today to become somebody special and perform extraordinary things for you. It is possible to stay put and get nowhere or step out with Him into incredible experiences. In 1954, just a year married, I was called to become a student in Bible College at Kenley, trust Him to oversee and direct. For over 64 years He has been in charge, fulfilling successful pastorates, along with my wife served in leadership at the AoG Bible College, visited many countries in ministry and supported them financially. Yes, He is the LORD of today and now it’s your turn to positively respond!


Sat in the garden I espied a bid fly up into the sun. Suddenly that ordinary figure was transformed. It suddenly glowed, gleamed and glittered as the orb’s scintillating rays adorned it. As we dwell in the presence of the glorified Christ, something of His unique splendour envelopes us. The ordinary becomes extraordinary and the natural divine. You know where to spend your time!


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