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Pastor E. Anderson

THE VOICE AND WORD OF GOD, that is what Noah heard very clearly and made known the task that the LORD had in mind for him. It seemed an impossible one, to build a gigantic boat to save his family etc. But he rose to the challenge and relentlessly carried out God’s requirements. Because he loved the LORD, believed and was obedient, he must have known the assistance of heaven. He was proved right. The LORD still calls for heroic works of life and service and would summon you to perform something significant for Him in these closing days of time. You are to rise to do His bidding and leave a witness to His mercy and grace. Rise to the challenge, now, and leave your mark for Him! It will be too large for you to do on your own. Partnership with the Almighty makes a difference! Yonngi Chow once stood outside the Royal Albert Hall and the LORD spoke to him telling him to build such a place in Seoul. He did so and I visited it and it was packed each Sunday morning three times with 24, 000 people besides other meetings in the city! It was also a privilege to visit the Prayer Mountain with another large auditorium, plus prayer chambers.



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