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Pastor Ernest Anderson



‘O pilgrim bound for the heavenly land, Never lose sight of Jesus!

He’ll lead you gently with loving hand: Never lose sight of Jesus!

Though dark the pathway may be ahead, Never lose sight of Jesus!

“I will be with you,” His word hath said, Never lose sight of Jesus!’

Day and night He will lead aright; Never lose sight of Jesus.’


“And when they had lifted their eyes, they saw no man, save Jesus only” – Matt 17: 8


Be assured today, God will never be bankrupt in any way, incapable to meeting the demands of the universe and you and I. Just as He is intimately aware of you by name, location and need, so out of His infinite, incredible, immeasurable fullness He will answer without any problem your situation now and in on–going future. He will never ever seek to opt out of whatever may arise within your life and affairs but is always on ‘stand-by’ to work the wonder, perform the miracle, and underlines He is always God. You can rejoice in Him at all times because He will not only turn up but turn on His favour and ability whatever confronts. There will be a testimony to his constancy and great goodness!



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