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Pastor Ernest Anderson


‘When Christ enters life with His great goodness, His favour abounds with untold fullness.

There is no limit to what He will do; His promises assure such is for you.’

“The LORD is good to all, and His tender mercies are over all His works (the entirety of things created” – Psalm 145: 9.

The Call to Follow: Jesus Christ in His earthly ministry called people to follow Him and become ‘His disciples.’ He chose twelve men who were to form His original team and be taught and disciplined by Him. They were to be but the beginning of His kingdom, kindly tutored and mentored by Him on a daily basis. It required sitting at his feet, learning of His life-style and knowing personally His demands and wholeheartedly responding. It has not changed in the passing of time. Your eyes must be fixed on Him, mind open to His instruction and your will committed to obedience, so you will reflect Him in all things and at all times. The call is ever as it was: ‘Follow HIM.”


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