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Pastor Ernest Anderson


‘Do not live in the realm of doubt and fear, for your LORD is beside and always near;

He is with you in all your troubles, and will burst them just like bubbles.’

“The angel of the LORD encampeth around them that fer HIM and DELIVERETH them” – Psalm 34: 7

Character Production – ADD TO YOUR

Brotherly Kindness – Charity: – 2 Peter 1:7. It is known that charity stands for love, agape love – see 1 Cor 13, the Love chapter. It is love that has no restrictions, bounds or favourites. It goes out of its unassuming way to embrace all and to do the best for all in all conditions. Cost is hardly considered as it overflows with kindness and generosity. It is winsome and always a winner in all circumstances. Let this love dwell and abound in you and it will minister to others whoever they are and whatever the conditions they are in.



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