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Pastor Ernest Anderson

CHRISTIANITY IS CHRIST: No; it is not Churchianity or mere traditional, denominational association; it is a living, dynamic relationship and communion with Jesus Christ its Founder and Sustainer. You need more than anything else to come to know Him, God’s Son, who came to earth to be your Saviour, LORD and Friend. He died on the Cross that you might be forgiven of your sins and sinful state and rose and lives again to come into your heart and share His life with you. He bestows the gift of eternal life which is the life of the Eternal. It is a quality life and existence that grants a fresh dynamic and dimension of living. He wills to be the Author and Finisher of your faith and your life and life-style to be one of a heavenly nature. Do not miss out on coming to know Him. He said: ‘I am come that you might have life and have it more abundantly’ – John 10: 10. You are to become one with Him and he to be one with you!


A STRENGTH AND STRONGHOLD: Do you desire to spiritually strong and healthy and have a wholesome retreat in time of difficulty, storm and tempest? Here the wise utterance puts it: ‘The way of the LORD is strength and a stronghold to the upright, but is destruction to the workers of iniquity’ – Proverbs 10: 29. To those who wisely choose to walk and run in the way of the LORD, they discover that they live on a unique vigour and force and when under pressure amd conflict find Him to be an overall refuge in which to rest, recline and be renewed. The wicked turn from this way and find themselves in untold straits and end up a disaster. The best procedure of life is to find the LORD and then see the appointed path that He opens to you and proceed on it in faith. You will be always up to what is on the road and He will be alongside to provide all the help you need. One thing is sure: you will have no regrets.

‘Little faith will bring us to heaven, but great faith will bring heaven to us.’