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Pastor Ernest Anderson

COME AND DINE: What a lovely thing it is to feast at a good table when you are in a famished condition! That is what Christ did for His disciples following His resurrection. He met them on the sea shore when the disciples had been out all night and caught nothing until His word came to them. Then the mighty haul of fish! But Christ had provided morning breakfast and then invited these disciples: ‘Come and Dine.’ He cared about their bodies as well as their souls and it must have been a very memorable experience to them! Christ was alive in point of fact, and He wasn’t there to greet them with a reprimand but with a feast! It is worthy to know that He chooses to put on a feast for you so that you might fellowship with Him around a table! See that today that you enjoy what He has provided for and hear what He has to say. It will make a difference!


HOPE OR HOPELESS: How essential to ponder the contrasts of hopefulness or hopelessness and this is what this informative and instructive saying puts it. ‘The hope of the righteous is gladness, but the expectation of the wicked comes to nothing’ – Proverbs 10: 28.The person  who trusts in God, listens to what He has to say and acts accordingly has every reason to be delighted. He senses and knows that his faith and obedience is amply reward with a pleasure that the LORD is taking an interest and will be bountifully bless. He cannot help be thrilled at the ultimate outworking. Not so for those in the opposite camp who do their own thing and have no regard for what the Almighty desires. Al they do and are involved in comes to nothing! There is nothing for them at all at the end of the day! Their way of life is profitless! Yes, you have to choose and go what is for is God-approved and so the end result is glorious! Life is full of hope and fulfilment!


‘The LORD has gone to prepare a place for us, and we must prepare ourselves for that place.’