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Pastor Ernest Anderson

A SECOND OPPORTUNITY: It is a very welcome consideration when a person gets a second opportunity, when they have miserable failed in some precious and important thing. How easy it is to write somebody off and out for the future and just leave them amidst the fears and negativism! How we ought to take a leaf out of the LORD’s eternal book! If He had not made advancements to us in our abject sin and failure, we would have been forever lost, ruined and damned. But He showed compassion and concern, giving the privilege and opportunity to be restored, renewed and re-engaged in His great designs for the future.  Yes, we must learn from past errors and be in the loving situation where we go out of our way to see people who have made a mess of life and themselves raised to something better tahn what they were and doing something more incredible with their lives.


LONG OR SHORT: This proverb emphasizes the longevity and brevity of life. ‘The reverent fear of the LORD prolongs one’s days, but the years of the wicked shall be made short’ – Proverbs 10: 27. There is the underlining of the truth that when the LORD is respected He in turn respects in a positive manner. When you look well to His interests and reveal a wholesome life and line of belief and conduct, He makes it is His business to recompense accordingly. It is within His power and capacity to richly reward those who go out of their way to see that His highly honoured and takes supreme place in life and their service. The wicked need to note, He does observe their life-style and will take action against them unless they amend their ways. Do not allow your life to be cut short because you failed in His eyes to life uprightly and graciously.


‘There is no failure more complete than the so-called success that leaves God out of the project.’