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Pastor Ernest Anderson

GOD IN CONTROL: It is good to be reminded of the fact that He is in complete control of the universe, this planet and all creatures. Angels and men will never be able to wrest His supremacy as He rules over all. It is a rich assurance that gives peace of mind and heart when all appears to be topsy-turvy. Since all was set in motion by Him He maintains a diligent hold on all and when all is submitted to Him works to the good and advantage of those who do so. Whatever your lot may be at this time, possibly not too good and understandable, place yourself and the situation into His wise and capable workings and as Paul affirms, you will discover that ‘all things work together for good to those who love God’ and hold Him in highest regard. It is clear from the experience of those in the Bible, those who loved God and accepted His rule came out on tops. And so will you!


SECURE IN STORM: As the wise saying puts it, the wicked are in deep trouble when the tempest and squalls of life hit their barque. It puts it like this: ‘when the whirlwind passes, the wicked are no more, but the (uncompromising) righteous have and everlasting foundation’ – Proverbs 10: 25. When an ill-wind really begins to blow those who are evil are swept away and are no more. There is nowhere for them to flee for safety. How different in contrast for those who make righteousness their life-style! The whirlwind comes but they cannot be swept away because they have a sure and stable foundation that is rock-like and unmoveable. They are still standing after the ordeal and have everything to live for and expect in and through God. Each individual has to show sense and make certain they are right and are linked with those things that are solid and approved by God.


‘Blessed in the man who has learned to admire without envy, to follow without mimicking, to praise without flattery and to lead without manipulation.’