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Pastor Ernest Anderson

ETERNITY EVER IN MIND: You must live out your life on this planet with this concept and conviction in mind: it is but a brief run in to eternity, the greater scene and life to be and is everlasting. God gives awareness that this is so in the Bible and expects you to be wise in your considerations, decisions and actions. Do not let eternity rush upon you and you discover too late that you did nothing or little about it. The things of the natural and earth try to gain the big picture and so many are deceived and invest time, effort and wealth in its pre-occupation and pursuits. One of the things to determine whilst you are is the discovery of what is most vital and valuable and then make certain you go in for it. Christ came to put things in perspective and when He is your LORD and follow Him you will not make any mistakes in this.


A CONTRAST TO NOTE: ‘It is as sport to a self-confident fool to do wickedness, but to have skilful and godly Wisdom is pleasure and relaxation to a man of understanding’ – Proverbs 10:23. It is well to think about the two positions and in wisdom decide where your emphasis is to be. The person who only is induced and seduced to the satisfaction of carnal appetites in the present, indulgence in those pursuits that only gratify his natural senses is foolish. They are put deceitful and temporary and lead to the complete undoing and worthlessness of life. Ultimately such are rejected by God and an awful judgment wait. The wise sees and seeks that which is pure, right, wholesome and good and maintains a choice disposition towards them and sees they become the life and life-style. He can afford to rest and relax knowing he can satisfy himself on the best and in the end experience God’s approval. Make sure you have your values right!


‘I am in perfect peace, resting alone on the blood of Christ. I find this amply sufficient with which to enter the presence of God’ – Mel Trotter

‘No one ever repented of being a Christian on his death-bed.’