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Pastor Ernest Anderson

A BALANCED MIND AND VIEW: To be able to deal with life well, there is the need for balance. It is so if one is walk and act sensibly. A wise diet and intake of food usually ensures the proper nourishment and development of the body. Certainly, in the use of our limbs, to walk good and sound, demands it. In the use of the eyes, both must be correctly employed to have the best of sight and vision. It hardly needs to be said that the mind must learn to think and ponder correctly and possess the finest of judgments because so much hinges on its correct decision and function. Some people go off at a tangent and lose it and the loss sustained can be quite enormous. There is a saying in this connection: ‘look before you leap’. In other do not be careless in what you are about to do. In so doing you could save yourself a lot of heartache!


RESTRAINT OF LIPS: The use of the lips is of major importance if you are to be made a blessing and obtain good favour of others. The wise saying has it: ’In a multitude of worse transgression is not lacking, but he who is restrains his lipos is prudent’ – Proverbs 10: 19. Do not be in a hurry to speak or to shoot your mouth off because it can land you in deep waters and create immense trouble. Learn to think before you speak so that you have educated your mind and mouth and your communications will have weight and worth. Having patience and a good understanding is a real safeguard and benefit in ordering your daily conduct. By doing such, others will seek you out and share their questions and problems with you and you will serve a blessed role in the building of their lives. Their thankfulness will overflow toward you and it will be your joy to see your wisdom and usefulness regarded in a becoming manner.


‘If you don’t think it doesn’t pay to stick together, consider the banana. As soon as it leaves the bunch it gets skinned.’