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Pastor Ernest Anderson

RECEIVING HELP: It is one thing to be a real help to others and find immense satisfaction and joy in being able to step is and assist others amidst their problems, but it is another thing to seek and receive the kind aid and support of others. We have to learn in life quickly the lesson of inter-dependence. Going and doing it alone is not the thing and eventually breeds contempt. The LORD allows difficulties you cannot resolve in the hope you will not only seek Him for solutions and guidance, but to resort to others who have been appointed to act on your behalf. Christ sent Paul from the Damascus Road experience to go into the city and he would receive help and direction there. Ananias was the one to be commission to serve him to good effect. So, be alert to the fact that today you may require the choice aid of someone else and so build a spiritual bond and fellowship!


A GREAT AND WORTHY EXAMPLE: The following is self –explanatory: ‘He who heeds instruction and correction is (not only himself) in the way of life (but is also a way of life for others.  And he who neglects or refuses reproof (not only for himself goes astray (that also) causes to err in a path toward ruin for others’ – Proverbs 10: 17. Certainly, this is relative advice to one and all. It is imperative that you set the best of example for others, especially the young, that they may have a visible testimony that it really pays to always do what is right and good. There is a blessed two-fold consequence of hearkening to the best, you are saved and greatly blessed and those who copy the pattern set likewise. When you are not messed up and become a failure, the impact you make for the well-being of others is immense!