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Pastor Ernest Anderson

KINDNESS REWARDED: When kindness is expressed it is the sowing of choice potential seed that is bound to be compensated. Ruth was self-forgetful and was committed to seeing her mother-in-law’s need in her crisis. She goes out to work hard gathering seed that had fallen in harvest and in the hot sun she laboured for another to provide – see Ruth 2. Her kindness was not to be overlooked because the owner of the field, Boaz, was rich and kind too. How impressed he was with Ruth’s caring attitude and so blessed her in a very kind way! It became a turning point for Naomi sensing things were now moving to her good. This account is intended to teach and emphasize the need to follow suit in life. Go out of your way today and do somebody some good, yes, even a stranger and see the results. Never do you copy the LORD more than when you inherit and manifest His disposition!


A GOOD STOREHOUSE: ‘Wise men store up knowledge (in mind and heart), but the mouth of the foolish is a present destruction’ – Proverbs 10:10. Every person that is sensible can become a walking library wherein is all the know-how how to live well and be blessed. You can become a veritable storehouse where all the understanding required to be successful is found. Others can draw upon the wealth of wise counsel that you posses and benefit beyond measure. Having wisely learned and now you are a treasury where others can resort and prosper in remarkable ways. You are not classified with the stupid ad ignorant but can take an honoured place at the gate of the city and be a wise teacher. Others will bless you that you took the time to learn and then become a teacher! The option is with you to become a storehouse of knowledge!


‘If God has called you, do not spend your time looking over your shoulder to see who is following.’