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Pastor Ernest Anderson

HELP: There are occasions when you are called upon to render assistance to someone who requires a helping hand because what they are doing is too much for them. To bring relief and rescue a situation is an honourable task and duty. The LORD gave Eve to be a helpmeet to Adam because he was incomplete without her role by His side. Look for opportunities to give someone a lift in a quiet fashion so that they are thankful you are there to perform such a role. It is a wise thing to be a help to others because one never knows when you require a helping hand. The apostle Paul was full of appreciation and admiration for a host of people who came alongside him to help him in his mission for Christ. Today, have your eyes wide open to note who could do with some support and backing! Your day will be rewarding!


A MOUTH OF BLESSING: ‘The mouth of the (uncompromising) righteous man is a well of life, but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence’ – Proverbs 10: 11. What a contrast there is in this affirmation with regard to the utterances that flow the lips! The mouth can be an immense ministry of good or evil and is dependent on its owner. Remember it is the positive that should be aimed for daily. What you say and utter can make a world of difference all around. Make sure that you be a well-spring of life that when people here your voice and utterances they feel inspired in so many ways to become a better person and do a more choice service. People travelled from afar to hear Christ speak and were amazed at the wise and gracious words that flowed from His lips. You could do no better than to copy His example. Let not your mouth become the source of violence and someone’s undoing!


‘Live in such a way that the preacher can tell the truth at you funeral.’