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Pastor Ernest Anderson

JOY THAT SUSTAINS: A choice blessing that contributes to life and keeps it going is the possession and release of divine joy. The good news is that the LORD is exquisite in His rapturous delight.  He loves to share this with His creatures, especially those who now constitute His new Family in and through Christ His unique elation. You have every cause to be inspired by Him in this way because of what He is to you, what He is doing and yet to accomplish. He has not treated you harshly in spite of your sinful state but has freely and fully pardoned and freed you from your past doings and given you His new nature. Besides placing you in His heavenly Family, He has become your Father and extends His provision, direction and blessing on your life on earth. There is also the prospect of sharing heaven eternally with all its bliss and blessings. And so on! You ought to be over the moon with a sense of pleasure at the awareness of these real factors and let you joy know no bounds today!


A SECURE ROAD: This is what is assured through the counsel from Proverbs 10: 9 ‘He that walks uprightly walks securely, but he who takes a crooked way shall be found out and punished’. One cannot afford to take a devious route by wrong-doing but make sure that life is lived honestly and decently so the outcome is sure to be the best. The options and opportunities are presented to all to go in for believing in and doing what is true, sure and upright and reap the blessed consequences. Do not assume but make sure of your bearing and goings! There is another wise saying which affirms: ‘There is a way that seemeth right unto a man but te end thereof are the ways of death.’ Take time out with the LORD no and assess correctly that you are going under the right direction with His compulsion and propulsion. In so doing, you will have no regrets! Do not finish up on the scrap heap!


‘Engraved on a tombstone: “I expected this but not yet”.’

‘Oftentimes we don’t appreciate life until it’s time for it to end.’