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Pastor Ernest Anderson

MAKE THE MOST OF TODAY: As you open your eyes to face the the hours of a new day see that you approach it in the best of ways. Remember that He who gave you the day desires to make a valid and useful contribution to it. Commence bt talking to Him the giver of it and ask for His help in dealing with it. As you pray and read the Scriptures He will in His own personal way give directions and ably render His assistance. He has the power to afford a long life and to cause each succeeding day to greatly contribute to the formation of your character to the good; to bring out the latent gifts inside and make them profitable and pleasurable; to raise up the right people around who can add to the delight and progress of your person, and so on. As you conclude the day, as you review it, see how He has helped and don’t forget to thank Him!


A SENSIBLE PROCEDURE: There is an old saying which advocates ‘save for a rainy day.’ It means not being in a mess when circumstances come to try you of a varying order. Here a like summons: ‘He who gathers in summer is a wise son, but he who sleeps in harvest is a son who causes shame’ – Proverbs 10: 5. Having worked on a farm there was a harvesting of various crops and they all needed gathering at the right time. At no time could you afford to put off when there had to be a gathering in so that there was provision for the ensuing months for society. Everyone was called to labour ceaselessly till all was gathered in. It was a great feeling to bring the last load in and added to a safe provision for the future. You need to listen to the voice o wisdom that the LORD has bestowed on you and in every area see that the future is cared for. He gave you the sense to do this so there would be needless worry. Be sure when things are short, Her will do His part!


‘If we could forget our troubles as easily as we forget our blessings how different things would be.’