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Pastor Ernest Anderson


YOU SHALL BE A BLESSING: Is good to be blessed by God in a bounteous manner, but also a choice experience is to be made a blessing. The first can, in some ways, if not careful make us selfish. It is fabulous when you are made a river of blessing, when God’s anointing, grace and favour overflows and begins to impact other people who require such. Jesus Christ came as the person above all others to bless everyone and did so in a gracious and generous fashion. Wherever He went, showed no favouritism but blessed all. Look to the LORD today for His blessing and know from Him who He wants have you do some good to and leave them enriched in a choice way. At the conclusion of the hours you will be able to thank God for being used by Him and pray that the blessing will continue to flow and grow. To Abraham God said, ‘Thou shalt be a blessing.’ So it will be prophetically true of you!


HARD WORK PAYS OFF: It is clearly revealed in the words of wisdom that is pays to work hard and do a good job. Not only do you satisfy your conscience and serve as a worthy example of industry, it pays dividends. Note the contrast and let it speak. ‘He becomes poor who works with a slack hand but the hand of the diligent makes rich’ – Proverbs 10:4. There are countless numbers of people who started with nothing but through honest and earnest toil have been gloriously advance in wealth and goods. They have been able to live comfortably and somewhat independently and also to able to enrich others in need. Their wealth has been a force for good. Make it your aim that there will not be an idle bone in your body and that your enrichment will also be to the advantage of others that require that lift to get them going. Be diligent in making wealth and be diligent in its proper use so that you become the blessing beyond your possessions!

‘Many people avoid discovering the secret of success because deep down they suspect the secret may be – hard work!