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Pastor Ernest Anderson


THE SECRET OF LIFE: It is good to start well, to keep on going whatever the conditions, sometimes it is a slow pace and yet at other times a quicker, and finally to finish well. To be able to do this you require the presence, life and enabling of Christ. As you are born into His kingdom He affords these vital factors that will ensure at the end of your days you will have done alright and will know His commendation. The primary consideration is that you are to be constantly inspired by Him to achieve the vital factors that He can reward. You can live for self and see seemingly success at that level but it is short-lived and temporary and has no lasting value. The choice is yours to be abandoned to Christ and allow His to direct operations and to receive His enablement that will assure achievement. Start well with Him, keep moving under His providential guidance and you will sure attain the heavenly rostrum for an award by Him.


DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR: You must look well to your own end in one sense by doing yourself a favour. The wise saying has it: ‘If you are wise you are wise for yourself; if you scorn , you alone will bear it and pay the penalty’ – Proverbs 9:12. You cannot afford to go and do wrong and pay the fool, scorning what is the best counsel. The wise make it their daily business to make certain that their minds and hearts are set to know that which will bring untold advantage to their own lives and work so they may be able to leave a rich legacy for others to discover and learn from. There is the definite commitment to avoid being a fool and becoming one who scorns what is best. Yes, you must look after yourself in by making sure that you are seeking to be the best kind of person and of achieving the finest quality of service. Today opportunity is afforded you of going ahead to achieve this goal.

‘Man’s wisdom comes from reason. God’s wisdom comes from revelation’ – Warren Wiersbe