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Jan 15th

Rev. E. Anderson


The Bible gives simple and clear directives in building a wholesome relationship with God that turns to great advantage. It affirms: “Blessed is the man that trusteth in Me.”  How rewarding it is to the person who receives and applies this! Abraham is a clear example of the tremendous amount of good and blessing that comes from God’s gracious hand. He became a humble believer in God, heard from Him and was prepared to do what was commanded. God singled him out to enrich him in every way and set him up as a pattern for others to follow. Live in love, faith and obedience to the Lord and discover His fabulous Presence and untold blessing throughout all your days on earth.


A SAD LOSS – Ezekiel 24

God’s servant, Ezekiel, discovered it was to prove a very costly and painful business serving the Lord in the prophetic office. Up to this point, in his ministry, many demands had been made upon him but now he was to face and deal with the most excruciating of all, the death and loss of his wife – vv15-27. The one that had been his partner, the subject of his great love and affection, was to be taken from him. This was all part of the Lord seeking to drive home a powerful message to His people. They needed to grasp the truth as to what was actually occurring.

As Ezekiel would keenly feel the loss of his wife so it was so with regard to the Lord and His people. The prophet and his situation were but a sign of a greater order. The Lord found no pleasure in this bereavement either for His servant or people. There had to be no outward mourning or expression of sorrow but that did not mean it did not exist. The loss was so great that it was reflected in this unique attitude and action. As far as the Lord was concerned an enormous amount of pain was being sensed over this judgment and it had to be borne differently.

The Lord does call and allow His servants and people to pass through the vale of tribulation and sorrow. Sometimes, as seen in this case, because of divine judgment that had occurred, a firm spirit and expression had to be shown. Of course, there may be the call for a strong mind and heart that has to bear the experience of distress in a stoic manner. It is important to feel the way the Lord suffers in certain circumstances when judgment is manifest.