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Jan 12th

Rev. E. Anderson


As Christ came to the crescendo of His earthly life and work He uttered in one word His success: ‘Accomplished’. In other words, “It is finished”. He could look back on a unique life lived and a task well done. This is what is essential for you to experience and to be able to affirm. You are given but one go in life here below and heaven and earth desire to know how you fare. Each day, task and commitment gives a revelation of your attitude before God, angels and men. You cannot afford to mess up your God-given opportunity. God is not simply an observer but has special interest in you really succeeding. So gird up your loins and give the LORD the best today by being at your best. In the end, you will be pleased that you accomplished and fulfilled heaven’s expectations.



It is quite remarkable that the Lord should use Babylon as an instrument in His hand to bring judgment and correction to His people. Reading the brief prophecy of Habakkuk, one finds that the prophet was somewhat amazed and bewildered that the Lord should adopt such a heathen nation to be His sword of justice and judgment. As He argued, they needed to be chastised because of their wickedness! Why did the Lord use Babylon to be His weapon? It was to highlight the awful sinfulness of His people. In no way was He justifying Babylon in their conduct.

His people needed to get a real understanding and conviction of their terrible waywardness and sin and one of the ways was by employing this foreign, heathen power to administer judgment. Their suffering and banishment from the land may at last cause them to see how badly they had behaved especially in relation to rebellion against His laws and in the grave matter of idolatry. They would have time to reflect on the real reason why things had ended like this.

The Lord does not allow His people to get away with evil but has ways and means by which He would pull them up in their conduct and procedures. His rod of correction and sword of judgment still operates. He can even use the world to administer and bring vital spiritual amendment to His people. As Paul points out in 1 Corinthian 11:30; it is possible to be waylaid by sickness as a means of divine reprimand and discipline, and for some, it can mean premature death. One must not be guilty of treating the Lord in a shabby or indifferent manner.