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Jan 11th

Rev. E. Anderson


Christ unmasks Satan, the Devil, and reveals him in his true colours. He shows him to be a liar and a thief and that he ever seeks to deceive and destroy mankind. He robs of the most priceless treasures: of God and His grace and blessing in and on daily living. He plunders men and women robbing of their morality, spiritual and eternity. People do not realise what a dangerous and damaging being he is, aided by other evil agencies. Christ came to unveil him and to give by His personal indwelling by the Holy Spirit in your life to know His plans and procedures and have complete mastery over him. So live in conquest today of the evil one and evil and life will be most fulfilling in and through Christ.



Twice the Lord said to this people through His messenger: “As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, I will not let you enquire of Me” – vv2, 31. The repetition indicates the mind and strength of feeling of the Lord on a most important issue. Although His dwelling place was still amongst them, He let them know, in no uncertain way, that as far as He was concerned He was switched off both to them and their praying. He was not interested in them approaching Him in enquiry or petition.

There was a justifiable reason why He should speak in this manner and adopt such an attitude towards them. They had manifested a constant rebellion towards Him throughout their history although He had been utterly favourable to them. He reminded them of all what He had done and how rebellious they had been in relation to His directives. Instead of doing what He desired for their good, they had been perverse and acted contrary to His good will and purpose. They had been switched off to Him; now it was time for Him to be switched off to them.

The most vital thing in life is to know the attentiveness and favour of the Lord in life. To possess the ear, heart and hand of God in life is a most choice and blessed factor. No one and nothing should be allowed to rob of His affection and attention. It is imperative that all have an access to Him and obtain His hearing at all times. Sin is the cause of the lack of His consideration if prayer is not answered – see Isaiah 59: 1, 2. Be certain that you are ever accepted of the Lord so that nothing interferes with your relationship with Him. The reward of this: His warm response.