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Jan 10th

Rev. E. Anderson


Be the person of faith and assurance that Christ has called you to be. With His calling are the grace, gift and power to be this kind of individual. His first disciples were men of doubt and fear when He summoned them into His team. As they listened to Him and saw Him act so they imbibed His spirit and nature and began to believe and perform as He did. They left a dynamic testimony to what could be achieved through absorbing His life and authority. Christ still makes Himself available within His Church for all time. This is to be your season when you break out into faith and action that will leave a trail of blessing and inspiration for others to note and be impacted by. Let the flow of His life, nature and faith direct the oncoming days in a successful manner and measure.



A major problem that existed in Judah was the fact that the leadership failed to give the people the spiritual lead that it required. Here is a lament, an expression of sorrow and regret, because those in high positions of responsibility did not provide the quality directives either in their words or life-style. The princes or kings should have been divinely, inspired personnel making sure that the subjects had someone to look to as an example of faith, integrity and commitment to God and the welfare of the nation. That was why they had been appointed; but they failed.

Here they are represented as lions that grew up, learned to take the prey and suffered a quick demise. Because of the way they behaved they were not around for any length of time. The Lord did not allow them to continue because of the evil they practiced. Things could have been so different for them and the people but things ended tragically for them and the nation. The mother of these succeeding kings did not set a pattern as observed from vv10-14. She had been as a vine rightly planted but missed out in bringing forth good fruit and finished up ruined, as were her royal lineage. The leadership ceased to be, hence the lament – v14.

The Christian Church needs good leaders: those of spiritual quality and divine commitment. The people within the body of Christ require those above them to give sound direction both in belief and behaviour. How essential it is to pray that the Lord will raise up people who will stand for truth and righteousness, loving God and the people primarily above their own desires and pursuits. As the leadership succeeds in God so the prospects are good for the saints and the world at large.