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Sep 17th

Rev. E. Anderson


One of the immense privileges and joys in life is that of being an encourager. There are those who served in this and did an excellent task in coming alongside others to be a friend, inspiration and aid them in their difficult situations. For instance, Joshua was a real quality person alongside Moses, Ruth with Naomi, Elisha and Elijah and Barnabas with Paul and so on. As you walk with the Lord and work for Him He will give you opportunity to draw near someone and become a real boost and strength in difficult situations. There is some sense of delight when you have been in right place at the right time standing with someone and performing a quiet, invaluable service. Do not let today go by without rendering this ministry.


“The soul of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing: but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat” – Proverbs 13:4

A lazy disposition and life produces nothing and is a disgrace. It is worthless. The contrast is to be desired and aimed for. Be industrious and it will yield immense returns that will be satisfying and fulfilling.


“Blessed is the man whom you chasten, O LORD, and teachest him out of your Law” – Psalm 94:13. There is no better or greater disciplinarian than the LORD and there is np better means by which His instructs – the Book of the Law, the Scriptures. To have a life, character and work that is to prove commendable and profitable, one must be taught by the LORD and from His inspired Word. Your person and future is bound now and eternally in who and what you listen to. The LORD neither forces His attentions on any one nor does He impose His Word. Wise people make it their primary business to know Him and to learn all they can from Him and His Word so that they make the grade.



The God of the Bible is a God of justice. He is the true and absolute Judge that will mete out justice and judgment with regard to all men and all need to be aware of the fact and not be presumptuous of life.  It does look at times as if the wicked do get away with their evil as they arrogantly proceed in their deeds. They seemingly can do everything that is contrary to all that is good, true and right without any punishment. They even gloat over the fact and consider God as irrelevant. If He exists then He is not bothered about their sinful behaviour.

It is obvious that the psalmist has deep convictions on this issue and opens out: “O Lord, the God to whom vengeance belongs, O God of vengeance, let your glorious justice be seen!” – v1. He knows that in the long run those who go down the track of wickedness will meet their Judge and will be rewarded accordingly. The Lord does meet in righteousness those who seek to do what is right. He disciplines and corrects them in life so that they do not fall into the category of the wicked – vv12, 13. Better to live under the chastening hand of God and be straightened out in life now than to experience the full terror of His wrath in punishment at the end.

Things do not appear to have changed on the world scene as wicked people look to get away with their awful and obnoxious deeds. At times, it does not seem God nor divine justice exists. No one must be deceived with regard to this. In His timing and schedule God will bring the wicked to book and it will be a horrendous and sad moment for them. There will be no escape from Him who has observed them and their ways and has kept account. If you are being corrected by the Lord, rejoice and trust. Better to be and live right more than anything else before God.