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Sep 16th

Rev. E. Anderson


Although you may at times be in a state of ignorance as to the way ahead, this is not so with your LORD. He is ever aware of your exact situation, where you have come from and the next stage of the journey. He would always have you in a state of rest where you simply day by day learn to look to His for His guidance and providence. He has numerous and various means of making clear His will and as you quietly rest in His omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence, all will work continually good for you. Even in those things that are seemingly problematic He turns to immense advantage and progress. You are placed in a very blessed and profitable position. Nothing could be better.


“The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright: but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness” – Proverbs 12:2.

Blessed is he who, having nothing to say, refrains from giving worthy evidence of the fact. It is both wise and good to learn to say less and mean more.


Jesus taught this great truth in sacred promise: “If you can believe, all things are possible” – Mark 9:23. He has never been in any doubt whatsoever as to His own capabilities or that of His Father. He lived and operated in the sure knowledge that anything could happen no matter how incredible. He seeks to lift the knowledge and mind-set of those who are His disciples into this thing and working. Because they were now in the family of God they could anticipate unbelievable things to happen as they prayed believed and spoke because of the role the heavenly Father would take in their daily lives. They are now to live and work in a brand new perspective and order. The kingdom of God was now to direct matters and this was one of the delights of kingdom life in evidence – amazing things regularly occurring. Take your cue from Christ!


A HEART-FELT PRAYER – Lamentations 5

In concluding the writings of Jeremiah, we finish up with a heart-felt prayer he made to God with regard to his people. He was sure with respect to the Lord as to His continual interest even though it looked as if they had been forsaken – “But Lord you remain the same for ever! Your throne continues from generation to generation” – v19. Deep within his being he knew that God had not cast off His people although from deep troubled circumstances they were in made it appear otherwise. By prayer he could pour out his being to Him knowing he had His ear and heart.

Two things are very striking within the prayer: he asked the Lord to remember everything that had happened and to restore and bring Israel back to Him – vv1, 21. These were uppermost thoughts expressed which he felt keenly about. The Lord was fully aware of what he and his people had experienced because He had brought it to pass. Also, He had planned a total renewal and restoration later on as the spiritual lesson was learned. In no way was He going to allow things to remain as they were. Full restoration had been purposed and it would come to pass. This prayer would be answered according to the schedule of the Lord.

Heart-felt praying should be in evidence by God’s people today in the light of the horrendous evils that are all around. Prayer in particular ought to be truly expressed by the Christian community for the Church that it will be renewed by the Lord so that it can serve in the way it should, in the power and blessing of the Holy Spirit. Do you give time to this vital exercise and do you intercede in such a way that the Lord knows you really mean it? Give yourself in seeking the Lord on behalf of others and the awful situations they find themselves in.