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Sep 13th

Rev. E. Anderson


One of the things that Christ affirmed was “Never to lose heart” especially in relation to wholesome pursuits worth obtaining. Having set your objective on something precious and worth possessing, do not baulk at the first hurdle and difficulty and give in. The test is to prove what is inside of you, whether you have the faith, stamina and will to succeed in your quests. You can be encouraged by reviewing people of former days who persisted and obtained their goal. For instance, Jacob thought Rachel was worth having as his wife and he was prepared to serve a long time to gain this end. Identify what the Lord has placed in you to achieve, yes, even the impossible. With prayer, commitment and continuous desire what you aim for will be yours through His favour and encouragement.


“He that keepeth his mouth keepeth his life: but he that openeth wide his lips shave destruction” – Proverbrs 13:3

A shut mouth gathers no foot. The best way of stopping yourself putting your foot it, is to keep it pwerfect control and order. Because many have not controlled the lips they have lost their lives.


You can live beyond criticism having found your place in God and knowing He is with you to stand with and by you. He inspires with this sacred promise: No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper; and every tongue that shall arise against you in judgment you shall condemn” – Isaiah 54: 17. You shall be on the front foot and not the back backing away in dismay and defeat when confrontation is before. Instead: Welcome the opportunity of standing and forth for truth and righteousness and you will discover that all heaven is marshalled behind ready to uphold you and what you stand for. All your enemies will be vanquished and you will be vindicated in every way. Even though defeat has been known before, it will be dramatically changed!



The prophet really penned his thoughts and sentiments with regard to His people and their plight. He was not gloating because he had nothing to gloat about. Grief had certainly taken over and he felt utterly miserable as he looked around at everything and everyone. There was nothing at all to inspire or to impart some sense of pleasure. He had faced many things before that had made him somewhat depressed but this picture showed him at his lowest in spirit. In expressing himself in this way it was a kind of relief valve to his being.

All that he beheld was the result of the judgment of the Lord. – v17” But it is the just Lord who did it just as He warned. He has fulfilled the promises of disaster He made long ago He has destroyed Jerusalem without mercy and caused her enemies to rejoice over her and boast of their power.” All was in a mess and so there was good reason to mourn and weep. This man is called the weeping prophet because in ministry he spoke with a sad heart and as he saw the result of it he cannot be otherwise. It was a time to lament and show the regrettable and appalling drama.

There are appropriate seasons when all is not well, when the hand of the Lord is not present for good but ill, not in blessing but judgment. It is right and proper to be regretful and show some signs of remorse and sorrow. If the misery is of a spiritual kind that leads to amendment of life and restoration to divine fellowship, it should be welcomed. There are occasions when you need to grieve if things are not as they should be between you and the Lord. Sorrow can turn to joy if there is an honest desire to be wholly reconciled to Him.