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Sep 11th

Rev. E. Anderson


One of the great qualities of life that help to advance a person in life is perseverance. To achieve anything of note and worth there has to be diligent application that does not give in when tempted to do so. The reason why so many make it for good is due to its presence. Often there are lot of mistakes make in attainment, but because determination and sheer doggedness have been present and evident, great goals have become manifest. You may well be on to something now and because of the length of time in your labour you feel like throwing the venture and project out. Don’t do so. You are right within the limit of seeing success. Within a short while you will have broken through and achieved!


“The righteousness of the blameless makes a straight way for them, but the wicked are brought down by their own wickedness” – Proverbs 11:5 (NIV)

Ability will enable a man to go to the top, but it takes character to keep him there. What you are in being and person in quality will enhance your profession whatever it be.


“Fear not: stand still and see the salvation of the LORD which He will work for you today” – Exodus 15: 13. Sometimes the Lord quietly allows one to be brought into impossible circumstances, when all seems to go wrong and you could well become the victim rather than the victor. Israel had experienced major blessing in deliverance and their future looked good, better than it had ever been. They were on the move at last and then they are confronted with a gigantic obstacle, the Red Sea. Things were worsened by the fact that the Egyptians thought they had cornered them and could re-enslave and get their booty back. But it was time for miracle and it happened. God made a way where there was no way. And the same is to be your lot even today. You may be in a cul-de-sac and the way-out closed. See the salvation of the LORD for He is to intervene on your behalf. He is still up to the impossible in the 21st century!



Jehoiachin’s future was dark, grim and full of foreboding. He had been taken, even though a king, as a captive to Babylon amongst the first batch exiled. He had seen his capital’s downfall, his country ransacked and people humiliated. He became an alien prisoner far from his former home, status and throne. It looked as if he would finish his days in a despised and demeaned condition. Thankfully he did not lose his life like his later successor, Zedekiah –vv9-11. However his destiny appeared to be one of an inglorious end.

But a miracle occurred after 37 years. Suddenly he was favoured and freed by the new monarch of Babylon. He was brought out of prison, spoken kindly to, his status raised and his prison garments removed. He was re-clothed and his daily diet changed –vv31-34. What a radical transformation of his circumstances! He must have been somewhat shocked and surprised that this could happen at such a time! It was to be his lot for the rest of his life. Without doubt, he must have been most grateful that he would not be spending the rest of his days in prison.

The Lord can and does turn events in the calendar of His servants even when they appear to be utterly gloomy and pessimistic. Though there may be a long period of years where one seems to be locked up in a hopeless condition, one need not give in to despair, because in a moment He can step in and work a wonder. He has the capability, in an instant, to deal with every awkward and long-standing situation and so release you into a most favourable position. He can write you into a positive future in the most negative hour and fill it with potential and prospect.