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Sep 4th

Rev. E. Anderson


Servant-hood is what you have been called to as well as son-ship. You serve your Father as a son and humbly seek to accomplish His great design for your new life within His Family. Whilst it is a blessing to be served and waited upon, the greatest feature is when you truly give yourself in looking after others. What an exciting moment when Christ fed and served five thousand people! What a joyful thing that the disciples and apostles could be involved in looking after the multitude! So take the opportunity of rendering some good to others because your labour of love for the LORD will not be over-looked.


“You have been a faithful over a few things: I will make you a ruler many things: enter into the joy of your LORD” – Matthew 25:21

It is the little things that determine the big things. They are the beginning and foundation of something monumental for God and your future vocation.


Christ has come to bring and give you an extraordinary life. He says to you as well as those who heard when He was here: “I Am come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly” – John 10:10. Make sure that this is what you are receiving and knowing now. With Christ indwelling and imparting His presence and power, life is lived with a new driving quality and force. What was impossible to you before becomes possible! Your life becomes a vibrant and obvious testimony to His existence and faithfulness. So draw on Him today and break out into a life-style that proclaims HIM!



One would have thought that the catalogue of judgments that had fallen upon God’s professed people that they would have been awakened out of their spiritual stupor and sought amendment in their faith conduct toward the Lord. But this was not to be. Arriving in Egypt, they immediately embrace the idolatrous system of the nation and reveal offensiveness towards the Lord. There was no spirit of regret or repentance to Him, rather the opposite: rebellion and rejection. They were not willing to act sensibly and spiritually and seek an accord with Him.

The Lord did not allow matters to rest but uses His servant to bring a message into the situation. Jeremiah challenges their wicked behaviour and puts the Lord’s side to the people showing that they were where they were because of the failure to honour Him and His Word. But they were both dense and deaf to the new overture from God and were not ready to learn the lesson. In no uncertain terms the prophet declares that they will be judged as well as Egypt and only a small remnant will escape. It is sad to read of the failure again of the people of God.

Vigilance must be exercised by every Christian believer so that they are not guilty of being in the situation where they refuse to learn the things that God is emphasizing in their experience especially if it is in relation to some sinful practice. It should never be thought that He will continually overlook or condone such. All evil must be repented of and forsaken. He should be known and honoured in every area of life. As the Lord speaks and works within your life, be certain there is nothing that will be an offence to Him. Keep your relationship sound and sweet.