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Aug 14th

Rev. E. Anderson


Look back upon your life not simply to live there in considering what the Lord has been and done for you but seeing as the basis for much more to be wrought in, for and through you. The past is not simply a memory base; it is a prophecy that indicates what is to be. They are but starters of greater things. There is so much more in the pipeline to flow in your direction to be participated in and enjoyed. Fresh and more meaningful experiences, enterprises and achievements are to be entered into that will make you stronger and better in your relationship with Him. Instead with living a victim attitude, you will enjoy the delight of being a supreme victor in every way, every day.


“I will remember the works of the LORD: surely I will remember your wonders of old. I will also meditate also of all your work, and talk of your doings” – Psalm 77: 11,12

HE has really given us Someone and Something to really think about and meditate on to profit and pleasure: Himself and all His glorious doings and works. Just spend some ti with Him and know the wonderful benefit!


For those who are now the sons of God in and through Christ, it has to be known and experienced that there are choice blessings to be theirs now in Him. Paul make it clear: “He that spared not His own Son but delivered Him up for us all (that is to the Cross), how shall he not with Him also freely give us all things” – Romans 8:32. The resurrected Christ is alive and in the business of blessing all of the sons of God in remarkable way. One of the ways He does so is by making known what God has assuredly promised and desires to do for each member of the divine household, and that means you. It is important to claim your inheritance.

“Lo, I will be with you alway, even unto the end of the world” – Matthew 28: 20. This is a sacred promise and covenant by the LORD to all of His people in every generation. The great truth is: He will ever be around and capable of meeting and ministering to each of His own in succeeding times. There is never any need to fear that He cannot live up to His assurance. As He was with Abraham, Moses, David etc., so He still ever is to stand by every one of His believing saints. So you are not only to confront this day whatever the demands but deal with it in a positive way.. He is alongside to encourage, impart and bless in incredible ways. So learn the important lesson of leaning on Him and drawing on His immediate presence and power.



It was not an easy assignment to fulfil at the early part of the prophet’s ministry and in the time of Jehoiakim. He was told by the Lord to go and deliver a full message on the disaster that was going to overtake all in the presence of prophets, priests and people from all over Judah – v2. He had to stand and speak up and be the lone voice declaring seemingly bad news to them all. Actually, it was good news because it was a divine call for amendment of life in order to stop the need for judgment. Little did God’s servant know what the reaction would be! It would be like stirring up a hornet’s nest and he would be the focus of attack from all.

It did require spiritual courage to do this because of the uncertainty as to what would occur in the listeners. The Lord had already told him that there would come moments of real opposition and here it becomes manifest. He was mobbed and threatened with death and amazingly rescued. In defence of his action he told the people he was ready to die if need be but if they killed him his blood would be upon them. It was a further evidence of his boldness and courage. He would not back off but stood by his message and the fact that the Lord had sent him.

There must be this element of divine courage in every believer to maintain a testimony for the Lord before an unregenerate society. The early Christians had this sort of spirit and attitude as they faced an opposition that sought to crush it at its outset. They would not be silenced but spoke out the Christian message and saw its dynamic impact in conversions and growth. It may well be that you need to be more courageous than what you are. Let the example of others act as a stimulus and the aid of the Holy Spirit nerve you to stand for Christ and truth.



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