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Aug 7th

Rev. E. Anderso


Two things that it is imperative that you know: the eternity of life and the life of eternity. Yes, life here on earth may be brief but whilst you are here you must come to the realisation and conviction that it never ceases, it is everlasting and will never cease or come to an end. The vital thing is to find that life that is eternal so that you can live it to the full and maximize on it. It life here ready for its blossoming in greater measure. The eternal life is to be found only in Jesus Christ. His mission was to bring and give this life. He stated: “I am come that you might have life and that more abundantly” – John 10:10. John the apostle said very clearly “this life is in his Son – Jesus Christ” and “He that hath the Son hath life” – 1 John 5:11,12. Make sure that you are truly switched on to Jesus Christ for He is the giver of the life of eternity, and it possesses quality and quantity!


“By this shall all men know that you are my disciples. if you have love one for another” – John 13:35

It is good to be a Christian and know it, but it is better to be a Christian and show it! It is the brand-mark of true relationship with Christ.


Whilst there are positive spiritual factors to be introduced into one new nature received from Christ, there are things that belong to the old sinful and carnal nature that have to be put off, removed from one’s being and behaviour. Paul said to the saints at Ephesus “That you put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts – Eph 4:22. It should become obvious that Christ has renewed you and that the Holy Spirit is in charge and that you are conforming to the standards that God’s Word reveal. It is essential to identify them and see that they have no place in our faith and conduct. 

“forgiving one another, even as for Christ’s sake God hath forgiven you” – Ephesians 4:3 There are times when other people hurt us and cause offence and as a result we harbour wrong attitudes and keep such at distance. It is not always easy to forgive but one has to learn to wipe the slate clean and develop wholesome relationships. One has a real prompter in this: because of God’s kindness to us in forgiving all our sins in and through Christ we should emulate the example set. His nature and spirit should be present and prevail so there is a quickness to forgive and become quickly reconciled to those who have not treated us well. This positive procedure is acceptable to God and paves the way for answered prayer and many other countless blessings.l


A SHATTERED JAR – Jeremiah 19

God’s servant is called to play out a scene before his people and to express a very powerful message. He is to take a clay jar and entirely break it before them and to show its utter uselessness and worthlessness. The vessel was symbolic of God’s people and the shattering of it indicated that as far as God was concerned they were of no value whatsoever. The moment had been reached where He was to completely wash His hands off them because they had no noble, godly character and could not serve Him to any glorious purpose.

From what is stated we see the obvious reason for the shattering. Their sinful behaviour were such a reproach to Him that they left Him with no alternative but to take this course of action. He had done everything within His power to try and avert this thing coming about but they had persisted in pursuing evil paths that were a violation of His will and honour. They could have been made into a nation that would have been exalted and blessed beyond others but the dream and destiny lay shattered as judgment fell.

The opportunity is presented by the Lord for all to be created in Christ and made a vessel unto honour and fit for His use. This is the focus that every Christian should possess in their mind and heart. As His gracious teaching and powerful influence is allowed to operate our lives will become more useful and creditable. It is necessary that you give the Lord the maximum space in your being to bring to pass His perfect design so that you do not finish up shattered and on the scrap heap. He has so much to achieve in and through you as you bend to His holy will and plans.


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