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Aug 2nd

Rev. E. Anderson 


You have been clearly called to be a true representative of Christ, to make Him and His purposes known to all around you. This is a high and noble vocation that fulfilled faithfully will yield untold good to the recipients and make them aware that He is worth knowing, believing, loving and serving. Seeing the transformation taking place amongst your observers and hearers will give you pure joy and pleasure as the King and His kingdom become established in their hearts and lives. Ultimately you will receive the crowing commendation and coronation – “Well done thou good and faithful servant . . . .”


“Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth!” – James 3:5

How important it is to keep this member in its place and under control so that it is able to benefit and profit countless numbers of people! Exploit yours today to the full in good , sound and sweet messages.


In and through Christ, God the Father has blessed you with the Holy Spirit who has come inside of you to add to your life. He comes to produce both fruit and gift and both are purpose to make you Christ-like. In 1 Corinthians 12 Paul reveals that there are at least none gifts to be known within the Christian community in its life and witness. The appeal within the chapter is to ‘desire spiritual gifts’ – v31 “But covet earnestly the best gifts”. The gifts are planned to make the Christian powerful and influential in ministry and service.

A super-gifted fellowship. From 1 Corinthians 12 it is apparent that the LORD desires each Christian community to be well-blessed and served in a multi-gifted manner and measure. As each believer is filled and open to receive from the Holy Spirit, He wills to to distribute and initiate supernatural ministry in the meetings open to the worship of God. The gatherings of His people must not be ordinary but extraordinary through His inspiration and impartation. It should be evident the God is in the service by the presence and operation of this choice gifts that lead not only to His glory but to the advantage of all gathered. So when you attend your next gathering, make sure you are blessed by the Holy Spirit and to use the gift(s) He imparts to you. What an explosion of life and light will become manifest!


GOOD FOR NOTHING – Jeremiah 13

One wonders where the expression came from – ‘Good for Nothing’. May be the phrase arose from this historic incident. The prophet was called upon to go and get a linen girdle and hide it in a hole in a rock close by the Euphrates. After a while he was called to go and retrieve it only to discover that it was badly marred and not fit for use – v7. The Lord took hold of this to press home the truth that this was just like His people to Him and said so in v10. They were useless and worthless and no longer profitable. The only thing at that moment was to dispense with them.

This is a sad and serious conclusion to arrive at after much effort He had put in to make them something of value and virtue. God had invested Himself and His resources in seeking to produce a people with a rich faith in Him and of a creditable character. It had not turned out that way because they had gone after the imagination of their own heart. Instead of becoming a nation to be proud of they had become as this vile garment. In no way could He tolerate the situation any longer and so came the inevitable rejection and removal.

The Lord in His calling, grace and power seeks to work in and with His renewed people in Christ to bring them forth with great accreditation. Whether this will be so will be dependent upon the maximum cooperation that each believer shows to Him on a regular basis. There will never be any lack on His side as He puts forth His abilities and resources at the disposal of His people.  Allow Him at all times to promote and provoke in you all the most worthy notions and aspirations that will make into a choice person with the qualities that He highly rates.



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