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July 30th

Rev. E. Anderson


The LORD, having said and done so much for, in and through you is ready for the next stage and chapter. There is a fresh and new path and ministry ahead that will advance His name and kingdom and enlarge your territory. Although great blessing is to overtake and abound, do not be drawn to simply being blessed and used by Him. Ascertain and make sure that He is the centre and drive of your being and behaviour and so you will safeguard yourself, ministry and future. Besides this, you will become a fine example to others to take note of and be inspired in their dedication to the LORD in every way. As you make it your business to bring pleasure to Him, He will bring pleasure to you!                                  


“Evening, and morning, and at noon, will, I pray, and cry aloud: and He shall hear by voice” – Psalm 55:17

It is good to daily talk regularly to God and know He listens and responds to pray. ‘Most men forget God all day and ask Him to remember them at night. If this is you, change your procedure           


In and through Christ, God the Father has blessed you with the Holy Spirit who has come inside of you to add to your life. He comes to produce both fruit and gift and both are purpose to make you Christ-like. In 1 Corinthians 12 Paul reveals that there are at least none gifts to be known within the Christian community in its life and witness. The appeal within the chapter is to ‘desire spiritual gifts’ – v31 “But covet earnestly the best gifts”. The gifts are planned to make the Christian powerful and influential in ministry and service.

“to another the discerning of spirits” – v 10. Jesus Christ knew perfectly by Holy Spirit the inward motivator and motivation in all men. He could discern what was of God, men and of the demonic world inspired by Satan. He was never hoodwinked. The Christian and whole Church is to be perfectly motivated divinely and humanly, and here is where the Holy Spirit ministers. The apostles were not deceived by an Ananias and Sapphira and a Simon – Acts 5:1-11; 8:18-24. The LORD is able to save you from being deceived from people, wrong people and company, pursuits when this gift is in operation. Look for spiritual discernment and the Holy Spirit will oblige. Reality and truth are what the Spirit of God is committed to.


NONE LIKE YOU – Jeremiah 10

Twice in vv6, 7 the prophet made the exclamation regarding the Lord: “There is none like you.” As he beheld the gods that his people were worshipping and chasing after he saw them as vanity and rubbish. They could not really be compared with the Lord. They were something that God’s people made out of wood and stone. In contrast, it was the Lord who had made them and given them their existence, identity and destiny. He stood supreme as the only true and living God and that needed to be respected and revered above all by all.

Israel’s true God and Lord was the Creator of all. He sustained and ruled over everyone and everything – vv10-13. It was time that His people gave due heed to His person and Godhead and stopped their pursuit of man-made deities that had no life or authority. There was none like their real God who had accomplished so much for them. There would be none like Him in judgment if they persisted in their rejection of Him. How right it was that they should get Him into perspective and submit to His word and directions at this time.

It is needful for every believer to possess a real knowledge and sense of God in their being and experience. He is to be given the place of honour and respect in a consistent manner. At no time is He to be relegated or rejected but to be known in His Godhead and glory. In doing this, it is the most sensible procedure of life for He observes whether this is so. All must come to believe and know, there is none like Him. Let Him fill your thoughts this day with a pure and sure revelation of Himself so that He will be able to exercise His gracious control of your being and life.



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