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July 27th 

Rev E. Anderson


At times you feel that you are in a strange set of circumstances and you simply do not know how to handle them, what to do for the best. It would seem you are like a difficult piece of jig-saw puzzle, where it is to be placed is a problem and enigmatic. Like the Israelites of old, you suddenly find yourself confronted by the Red Sea which looked impassable, on either side were mountains, and an enemy on your heels seeking to make you captive. The word of the Lord to you is as was given to Moses: “Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.” You are going to see both the wisdom and power of God. A way is going to be made supernaturally and a miracle is to be yours. You are not to be left high and dry for your almighty saviour is at hand with the answer to the enigma.


“Commit your works unto the Lord, and your thought shall be established” – Proverbs 16: 3

The secret of achievement is not to let what you are doing get to you before you get to it. 


In and through Christ, God the Father has blessed you with the Holy Spirit who has come inside of you to add to your life. He comes to produce both fruit and gift and both are purpose to make you Christ-like. In 1 Corinthians 12 Paul reveals that there are at least none gifts to be known within the Christian community in its life and witness. The appeal within the chapter is to ‘desire spiritual gifts’ – v31 “But covet earnestly the best gifts”. The gifts are planned to make the Christian powerful and influential in ministry and service. 

‘to another the gift of healings by the same Spirit’ – v9. There is no doubt about it: God does desire to give healing to mankind as the Scriptures reveal. Both the Old and New Testaments proclaim such. The lips of both reveal and assure that healing is for men and women. The Lord gave promise to Israel: “ I Am the Lord that healeth you” – Exodus 15:26; Isaiah 53: 5. Christ cam and brought healing and passed the commission and work on to the Christian Church. What healings flowed then and it is still is his desire and design that it shall be so. He has not lost His ability to do this. He would bring healing now to you if required and would use you to give healing to others. These things will occur through those who believe and are gifted by the Holy Spirit.



The Lord made it clear to this people what He really In any doubt as to His requirements – “But this thing commanded I them, saying Obey my voice, and I will be your God, and you shall be my people: and walk in all the ways that I have commanded you, that it may be well with you” – v23. They had a contract to fulfil and that was to make certain that they attended to His righteous and loving decrees. Disregard for His commands was disobedience and would not be countenanced.


What a promise was theirs if they lived in accord with Him – He would be their God! It could not have been better because it meant that all of His ability and gifts would have been theirs and all would have gone well for them. There would have been no lack on any front and they would have enjoyed divine peace and prosperity throughout the land. The prospect could not have been improved upon if only they had taken this route. God wanted to be their all-in-all and He would have been their all sufficiency. Nothing and no one else was required but Him.

It is not a disadvantage to place God as the priority of life but it is to its whole blessedness to give Him first place. No one can afford to dismiss Him as irrelevant and reject His input by way of sacred command. All need to have their ears wide open to hear and hearken to every demand in love and faith knowing what He is directing to do hold the well being of life. Do not disrespect the Lord in any way at any time and make sure that there is a glad compliance to His every directive. Take account of what He saying to you and learn to respond immediately in grace.



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