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July 25TH

Rev. E. Anderson


Our pastor spoke on Sunday evening on Taking A Nap and it was a good emphasis for all. There are occasions when there is a call for a break, the need to pull aside from work, company and other things that are demanding and energy draining. The inner reserves call to be built up and freshly energized and tuned up ready for fresh enterprise and industry. Christ knew when to do it and to call His disciples to rest awhile. You need to be aware of such and be quick to respond and so be in a more fit and able to condition to effectively face and deal with things of importance ahead.


“Let us therefore follow after the things that make for peace, and things wherewith you may edify another” – Romans 14:19

Be careful that your marriage doesn’t become a duel instead of a duet.



IN and through Christ, God the Father has blessed you with the Holy Spirit who has come inside of you to add to your life. He comes to produce both fruit and gift and both are purpose to make you Christ-like. In 1 Corinthians 12 Paul reveals that there are at least none gifts to be known within the Christian community in its life and witness. The appeal within the chapter is to ‘desire spiritual gifts’ – v31 “But covet earnestly the best gifts”. The gifts are planned to make the Christian powerful and influential in ministry and service.

‘a gift of the word of knowledge’. Just when it is required the Holy Spirit is able to impart a word of knowledge in order to guide His servants aright. Peter was in real dilemma whilst at prayer as he was confronted in reaching out in love to the Gentiles. Being a Jew and brought us one, the Jews had no real dealings with the Gentiles. But whilst at prayer he is given a vision and made to see that the Gentiles were to be part of His purposes – see Acts 10. Gentile messengers are sent to where he was and as he prayed the Holy Spirit told him to join and go with them – Acts 10:19,20. He was not left in any doubt whatsoever and so God wrought great things through faith and obedience. Yes, the Lord still speaks today to give direction etc.



One of the things that really do need to strike home to the mind and heart of man is the fact that sin, in the full and final analysis, is altogether unprofitable. Yes, it does give some sense of gratification for a period of time but in the end it works ruination and remorse. The Bible elsewhere does speak of “enjoying the pleasures of sin for a season” but this indicates the temporary nature of the seeming enjoyment. Sin lacks the capacity to produce any worthwhile profit and when it has runs its course leaves a life utterly bankrupt. There is no real gain in its pursuit.

The Lord makes the point – “your sins have witholden good things from you” – v25. It is evident from this that going down the path of evil had proved detrimental. Instead of knowing the best they had missed out on such because of their desire and commitment to evil doings. The good things meant the rich blessing of God upon them as persons, upon their families and the nation as a whole. It speaks of a glorious relationship and accord with their God, knowing His plans for their future, experiencing choice natural advantages that would enhance them at every level. Instead of knowing the superlative they finished up empty and denuded.

Never think that sin will serve up that will bring contentment and fulfilment. It is foolish to believe that it can ever produce anything of lasting worth or good. Be aware of its real character. Know that the Lord seeks your blessedness and true happiness and forsaking sin is the first step in moving into a life of tremendous gain and influence. Sin will endeavour to tempt and offer you immediate pleasure and relief but in the end it switches off all the good God wants to do in and for you.




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