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July 16th

Rev. E. Anderson


Your LORD does not desire that you experience regret at the end of this day because of the way you have lived. He would rather that you be possessed with great delight enthusiasm and gratitude in the way things have panned out. Instead of the next hours being wasted they will be invested in acts that will yield immense pleasure, if not instantly, later. Make this LORD’S day, His day. You will discover the immense satisfaction it will bring to Him, others and yourself. It will be a time of addition and multiplication that will serve the interests of His kingdom on earth.


“Obey them not only to win their favour when their eye is on you, but like slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from your heart” – Ephesians 6: 6.

You really have only one person to really please, Christ; as you do so, not only will you delight Him, others will feel the breath and impact in a special way, today.



Peter in his message to early Christians reveals that they have been blessed: “According as His divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him that hath called us to glory and virtue.” You are called to be like Christ and manifest  His quality characteristics in an ever-increasing capacity. These are the things to added with all diligence – vv4, 5.

3/. The quality of knowledge – “and to virtue knowledge” – v5. The Lord does not want you to exist in ignorance, bereft of understanding on the vital issues of life. No, He ever desires to daily up-date you with information that will serve to instruct, direct and develop you. As you seek to be daily filled with His Holy Spirit and Word you will be perfectly tutored by heaven and increase your comprehension of matters that will advance your faith, conduct and ministry. Today is to be one where you are further schooled in the knowledge of God, life, gifts, relationships etc., so that you make the most of your life and living. Others will look to you knowing that you are a fount of truth and wisdom; and that is a blessing!


DIVINELY FILLED – Romans 15: 8-33

The great longing of this servant of God, Paul, was not only to see people brought to a saving knowledge of Christ, but that they might experience the fulness of God’s grace and blessing in and upon their lives. In vv13, 14 this idea of being full in a Godward sense is very prevalent. He desires in v13 three choice things will be theirs: that divine joy and peace will be much manifest through the presence and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. They needed at all times to be switched on to God and to experience His boundless spiritual dynamics in their beings.

He credits them in a positive way in v14 as being filled with goodness and all knowledge and in the blessed state of also encouraging and counselling each other aright. They had made a commendable growth in their faith and life so that they could serve one another out of the condition of being full of what God had given. They had not been content to take everything in without giving and sharing with fellow believers of their divine inheritance. They could not be accused of being stale or stagnant but had received from God and released such to the blessing of others.

There is no doubt that God wills that each of His offspring should receive of and from Him that which will totally enrich their faith and lives in a powerful sense. There has to be the inflowing of His joy and peace at such a rate, by the Holy Spirit, that enlivens and enlightens the whole of Christian experience. As a consequence of the inflow, there has to be also the outflow of these factors, plus the manifestation of divine goodness and knowledge. Do not allow your life to become empty but ever be filled by God with what He determines to bestow today.



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