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July 116h

Rev. E. Anderson


Ever sense and know that the LORD is present as you commence this day and will be in attendance throughout each moment. He is with you to inspire, guide, protect and provide for everything situation so that you need not be alarmed or distressed. Sometimes, things appear to go wrong, it is then you must quietly and confidently turn to Him and simply request His capable assistance. The answers He gives may not be the ones that you would expect, but as you respond, you will discover he is always right. All turns out to utmost benefit. At the closure of it you will have every reason to thank and worship Him.

SERMON STARTERS LONGING FOR GOD – Psalm 841-4, 10. This is a very choice and provocative psalm stimulating the desire for the presence and knowledge of God. It is certainly instructive in that it reveals a pure passion for the Lord. There are some helpful thoughts to major on. 1/. The Tabernacle of the LORD is a Pleasant and inviting Place – v1. A due emphasis is here and the exclamation underlines this feature. It should attract and personally draw you. 2/. There must the Inward Fervent Desire Prevalent and Prevailing – v2. The Lord loves to see this and responds to it. 3/. An Illustration from Nature shows how such are welcome in His august place and presence – 3/. One must not be put to shame by the birds. They love to make their home there 4/. Praise and Worship has a Glorious Effect –vv4, 10. Once inside and in the real mood of adoration and praise, there is nothing to compare with it in the outside world. The LORD gives us a real love for His House and Presence.

HUMOUR – Marriage

A minister wished to meet after the service with a couple who he was going to marry. Unfortunately, he couldn’t remember their names, so he announced : “Will those wishing to be united in holy matrimony please come forward after the service.”

Following the service thirteen old spinsters came to the front!


“He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed” –Proverbs 13:20 



There is a strong and loving appeal for the total consecration of the whole being of the believer to Christ –v1. In the light of the fact that Christ has given all for the blessedness of each Christian, the response should be one of glad and full surrender to Him. It is a reasonable thing to do and is an act of spiritual worship togive oneself completely to the Lord in the awareness of what He has truly done in relation to and for all. He held nothing back but gave His best when He came to this world and when He took the sinner’s place on the Cross. The least that any Christian believer can do is to answer this appeal in a personal manner.

The great thing that occurs when this is truly done, the inward condition is divinely renewed; the mind in particular is beautifully transformed by God. As the heart has made its vital re-action in yielding to God, the mind knows what it is to be changed and is able to think divinely and differently. Into this state of consecration there then comes the bestowment of dynamic faith and gifts that can be sacredly employed for the benefit of the Christian Church and others. There is a wonderful outflow of the life and grace of God as a consequence of the consecration.

It is imperative that every Christian comes to the point where there is no holding back from Christ what is His right and due. The time must come when there is both the heart and will to give Him all, holding nothing back. In doing so, there will be the richer and greater blessings of heaven afforded to those who do. Have you heard and answered the appeal of Christ in this connection? It is necessary that you do so that you may fully please Him and serve Him to the maximum.


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