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July 2nd

 Rev. E. Anderson


There is so much to live and go for if God is in the equation. He is always up to big and eternal business and those who truly united to Him discover that He has so much to achieve in and through them to lasting profit and benefit. In no way are His destinies small and mean but embrace infinite prospects. A person is a fool that does make God his best and closest Friend and Ally. He is the One that brings sense, reason and glorious hope and everything that is worth living for is to be in Him. Make sure that this is the case with you.



Israel, God’s people of old, had missed it and lost their way and paid a price for it because they failed to recognize and honour God. If only they had done so their fortunes and future would have been different. In spite of the fact that they looked a write-off, God still was committed to their blessedness and future and so gives an encouraging word through Isaiah, one of His special messengers. In chapter 40 He says to them – “Behold your God”, v9, and the verses surrounding give a revelation of Him. 1/. He comes out of a seemingly deserted scene to make Himself known – vv3-5. 2/. He comes to show that He truly cares for them as the Great Shepherd of His Flock – vv11. 3/. He comes to show that He does not require the assistance of others to teach and instruct and perform – vv12-14. 4/. He comes to show His supremacy over all nations – vv15-17. 5/. He comes to show that He is the great Creator and Sustainer of all – vv21-28. 6/. He comes to show He is able to do something special for those who seek and wait on Him – vv29-31. You, too, need to get a sight and knowledge of this God!


While during in Pennsylvania, a family caught up with an Amish carriage.

The owner of the carriage obviously had a sense of humor, because attached to the back of the carriage was a hand-printed sign: “Energy efficient vehicle: Runs on oats and grass. Caution: Do not step in exhaust.”

WISE SAYINGS – Dr. Billy Graham

“The Bible is a guidebook, leading men (and women) to God in a personal faith. Like a map or guidebook, it will show you the way,but you must take one step at a time.”



It says of this Old Testament patriarch, believer, that he was ‘strong in faith’ – v20. When God made a tremendous promise to him he was not weak in accepting and believing it but was ready to trust God to bring it about. In late life, at seventy-five, he commenced the journey of faith with God being assured that God had a destiny for him to fulfil and bring about of an extraordinary nature. He had been prepared to leave a secure situation, in a heathen circumstance, and to move out into a land that the Lord would both show and give him. It entailed being blessed by God in a fantastic manner and he was up for it.

The Lord spoke to him and said he would become a father of many nations and that his aged wife would bear him a son. From a natural standpoint it was impossible but he credited God with the ability to work the miracle. When he had no grounds for hope he took divine hope on board and was to see it totally realized – v18. He knew God was capable of doing anything for him. He got things from God because He dared to believe God and to trust implicitly in His word.

Another name for a follower of Christ is a Christian believer thus emphasizing that a chief characteristic of both life and work is the inspiration of divine faith. It is imperative that the initial faith should move on to becoming a strong faith in and through Christ. As an individual lives in and off Christ, by His Spirit and Word, it is possible for faith to become a daily dynamic that grows and finds great expression to bring untold blessings and results. Through God’s grace and faith you can make a glorious difference wherever you are and go.










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