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June 30th

 Rev. E. Anderson


Don’t exist on substitutes, make certain you are partaking and enjoying the good and right things God has purposed for you. He has given you a mind to discern differences and expects you to use it to choose that which is real and genuine and comes from Him. Satan, the world and shallow people will come along to offer their ware and attractions. Do not be deceived but be sure that you are feeding on the Living Bread, drinking at the divine Fountain Head, mixing with good Christian leaders and members that are committed to your true blessedness. So avoid all that is sham that leads to shame and embrace, experience and enjoy all that comes from heaven. Nothing else is good enough!


Just three simple points to ponder on with regard to spiritual tests. Peter had to face such but had the Lord backing him in prayer and he came out the better for it – Luke 22:31-34. 1/. Tests and Trials are to be of Sanctifying Nature – that is, to get rid of rubbish and things that are not helpful and beneficial. 2/. Tests and Trials are of a Strengthening Nature – they do not leave one weak but give a sense of well being that one is in a healthier state. 3/. Tests and Trials are of a Succeeding Nature – they prepare they prepare the way for great usefulness and growth – e.g. Peter


There’s a story told about a lone cowboy who went to an evening service at a little country church up in Montana. There was a snowstorm and the only two people who showed up were the preacher and the cowboy. They waited and waited.

Finally the preacher said, “Well, I guess we might as well go on home, it doesn’t look like anyone else is going to show up.”

The cowboy responded, “Now preacher, when I go out to feed cattle, and only one cow shows up, I still feed her!”

The preacher said “Okay,” and proceeded to preach an hour-long sermon.

After it was over the cowboy said, “Preacher, that was a good sermon, but you know, when I feed cattle, and only one cow shows up, I don’t give her the whole load.

WISE SAYINGS – Billy Graham

“Jesus did not dispute (Satan) . . . our Lord quoted Scripture, and that’s one thing the devil can’t stand. The Scripture defeats him every time.”



From this passage there is the clear teaching that the time will come when God will judge all men– v16. There will be no escape for any person from the court of divine justice that will occur at the end of time. He has ordained in His purposes for the moment when each will appear before him to give account with regard to their lives lived on this planet. It will be a most solemn and critical occasion as the whole review of life takes place before God. All will stand before God.

God is made known as the righteous Judge and He is in perfect knowledge of all that has been enacted by all. He will not be short of information or ignorant on any detail or issue and possesses the capacity to deliver the right verdict in each case. Those who have lived to sin and self and have disregarded Him and His statutes will find no mercy but be eternally punished. To those who have lived unto and for Him and righteousness they will enter into honour, immortality and eternal life – v7. They can expect to enter into a future blessed existence with God.

What is written in this chapter is a solemn reminder to all with regard to how life is to be lived here on earth. This present existence is transitory and is intended to pave the way for a fuller and greater existence. What is done now is of major importance so great care has to be taken that there is a commitment to God, to righteousness, goodness and all those things that God approves of. Make sure that what you do today and every day can bear the scrutiny and approval of God.








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