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June 29th

Rev. E. Anderson


Temptations are allowed in order for you to show your spiritual metal and will. They make people into over-comers and prepare them to fulfil major roles of responsibility besides being a credible example. Be inspired by the fact that because Christ triumphed over every temptation, He now holds the position of King of kings and is creating an eternal kingdom of which you must become linked. He is able to impart His ability to you so you, too can be listed among the victors over every temptation.


THE BEST WAY TO ANSWERED PRAYER – Psalm 37:4 Amp.Ver. “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart.” What a simple, spiritual and happy way to get your prayers answered. 1/. Be thankful and grateful because He is the Lord and is worth delighting in by reason of His nature. He is kind and generous in disposition towards you. 2/. Be appreciative of His infinite gifts and abilities. All things are possible to Him. 3/. Be aware of the fact that He will beget in you the best desires that serve your best interests in every way. 4/. He will bring all to fulfilment to prove He is the Lord and that you are special to Him.


The story is told of the famous boxer Muhammad Ali, who was flying one time to an engagement. The aircraft ran into severe turbulence and was soon being shaken violently. The passengers were all instructed to fasten their seatbelts straightway. Everyone complied except Ali.

Noticing this, a stewardess approached him and asked him to fasten his belt. Ali replied, “superman don’t need no seat belt.” The stewardess took, one look at him and retorted, “Superman don’t need no airplane either!”


Courage is being scared to earth but saddling up anyway – John Wayne


GOD IS TO BE KNOWN – Romans 1: 18-32

Of all beings and persons, God is sovereign and should be known. He can be discerned by those who want to really understand through the Scriptures, Jesus Christ, through the history of Israel and Christendom. But the apostle makes it clear that He is to be discovered in creation. The world around gives real evidence of Him and is sufficient testimony to not only His existence but also His magnificence. All creation is a witness to the Godhead and reveals His wisdom, skill and genius in everyway. In everything it is possible to trace His handiwork. God has put Himself quietly on display within His masterly works of creation.

There are those amongst men that would deny His existence and His rights over His workmanship. They are on a denial trip in spite of the proofs given. They consider themselves wiser and better than their Creator because they want to do their own thing and run the show. But as it is firmly stated: “they are without excuse” – v20. At the end of the day they will have to confront Him in judgment and pay an awful price for this wilful sin and subsequent evil conduct.

The greatest thought that can fill the mind and sweetest affection that can inspire the heart is the knowledge and love of God. It is a foolish procedure of life not to give daily consideration to Him for He is the source of enriching the whole of our lives. You have the delightful opportunity of meditating on God today and getting some tremendous evaluation of Him in every way. Think upon His works in creation and admire His creative expertise. Ponder His amazing work in your own person and you will be filled with praise and faith in Him.






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