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June 28th


Rev. E. Anderson


Be both grateful and glad at the stage you have reached in your relationship and walk with God. Although you may not have achieved all that could have been wrought, at least progress has been made and good things have been established. There is something to work and build on that that can be very worthwhile. Remember, the disciples did not get their instantly or overnight. Sometimes progress can be slow but sure and most rewarding and preparation for something bigger. Press on and through and realise the Lord’s dreams and desires for you.



Every Christian believer and minister wants both success and stability especially in their accord and work for the Lord. To make it into His presence, to appear before Him and be permanently accepted is priority. The psalmist highlights the route. 1/. The commitment to a life of outward integrity – vv2-4 “He who walks and lives uprightly . . .” 2/. The true devotion inwardly – v2 “speaks and thinks the truth is his heart.” 3/. The great reverence for the Lord in every way – v4. The Lord is not just a mere verbal reference point. He influences at every level. 4/. The finances are used with true motive and blessing. He makes sound investment with God. The end result: “He who does these things shall never be moved” – v5.


Weather bulletin, broadcast by a TV station: “Severe thunderstorm coming. Stay inside. Do not use any electrical appliances. Stay tuned for further information.


Faith like Jacob’s cannot be shaken because it is result of having been shaken – Abraham Heschel


CALLED TO BE SAINTS – Romans 1: 1-16

There are many things that the Christian believer is called to be and do within his/her calling in Christ. One of the chief factors is the calling to be ‘a saint’. The great thing is that sainthood commences immediately on conversion. As soon as a person repents and turns to Christ forgiveness and sanctification take place. Their position before God is radically changed. In the eyes of God a sinner becomes a saint when this divine transformation has occurred in and through Christ. Not only is sin removed, His righteousness is imputed and sainthood known.

This is the start of a process where our lives are separated to God and lived by His power and for His glory. Although a new nature is given and a new standing before God is known, our old sinful nature would still seek to reassert itself. The Christian still has to live in this evil world and will be tempted. Through the inward dwelling of Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, there is the ability to triumph over all sin. Instead of falling foul of Satan and sin the person is purified more and more to obtain the maturity of Christian character.

Remember this is a noble and divine vocation that is accorded all who come to faith in Christ. It is possible to obtain sainthood in this life even though challenged by sin every day from every quarter. Christ has won the right for you to live in holiness and righteousness and at the same time grant His strength and grace to be able to achieve your calling. At a time when sin abounds on every hand, he is able to keep you free from all its influence and domination and so enable to maintain your spiritual status in victory,





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